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Bolsover has a number of key development site opportunities.  This project seeks to maximise the opportunities available from these regeneration activities for both local residents seeking sustainable quality employment and to provide infrastructure to attract investors and grow local businesses.

Existing masterplans and studies help to inform regeneration activities, promote engagement with local communities, and contribute towards seeking to encourage development generally.  The Projects Officer is involved in the progression of the future development of the town centres and strategic sites and will work with investors/employers locating to strategic sites to help assess skill and employment needs.

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Project Officer

Richard Henderson
Bolsover District Council
Sherwood Lodge
S44 6NF
Tel: 01246 242325
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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2011/12 Year End

The Project Officer has continued to attend the Bolsover Business and Enterprise group meeting and the North East Derbyshire Strategic Employment Partnership group with the aim of ensuring that appropriate agencies and partners can help service and facilitate new employers/investors coming to the area in a comprehensive manner. Attendance at the Core Worklessness Group has also taken place, along with attendance at the Disability Partnership with a presentation given on investment activity in the district. 

On going meetings and discussions with developer contacts continue to take place and a number of investment enquiries have directed interested parties to appropriate sites and premises in Bolsover district. 

Development of the main building has now commenced on a large plot at the Castlewood Business Park to facilitate a new regional distribution centre. Likewise planning consent has now been granted for a new McDonald’s restaurant unit and another restaurant unit on the former Filigree site at South Normanton (with demolition of former buildings having commenced on site).  Job Centre Plus and other bodies have been made aware of these developments in order to facilitate engagement.

Funding for this project currently continues until June 2012. 

2011/12 Quarter 3

The Project Officer has been working closely with Bolsover Business and Enterprise Partnership to assist partners, investors and developers achieve mutual benefits.  Currently discussions are ongoing with developers/ future employers and support is being given to a company looking to locate in the district.

Planning consent has recently been given to develop a large plot on the Castlewood Business Park to facilitate a regional distribution centre.

Public Transport infrastructure around Shirebrook continues and a Traffic Regulation Order is currently being advertised to facilitate a revised one way system and pedestrian zone.

Bolsover District has been promoted with tours undertaken for Derby Economic Partnership, Sheffield City Region and Create Sheffield.  This has been well received and highlights development opportunities, future job opportunities and available sites that are ready to accommodate new development.   

2011/12 Quarter 2

The development proposals at Castlewood Business Park for a new distribution centre have received planning approval. Arrangements are being made for public relations opportunities between the District Council and the developer.

Involvement is ongoing with the proposals to explore the delivery of new retail led development in Bolsover town, along with the potential relocation of the District Council’s Sherwood Lodge main office function.  Work has focused on projects to look at key infrastructure related matters including a town centre wide parking assessment/strategy, as well as looking at a key area of highway infrastructure which is critical to the future development of various development schemes. 

Input is currently ongoing with Derbyshire County Council Highways to improve public transport provision in Shirebrook town centre, adopting the Shirebrook Development Brief proposals as a basis for the scheme.  Various physical works including a set of new bus stops and alterations to the one way system and pedestrian zone are also being examined. 

2011/12 Quarter 1

The Project Officer has had ongoing involvement with the proposals to explore the delivery of a new retail development in Bolsover town, along with the potential relocation of the Sherwood Lodge main office function. This work has involved various Senior Officers within the Council and external parties.

Following the preparation of a project brief, a new project has just been commissioned to look at the Resilience of Shirebrook in the face of new development proposals.

Input has been given into the preparation of an Infrastructure Delivery Plan to examine the capabilities of existing infrastructure and to understand future needs to meet the future demand of the district.

2010/11 Year End

Brownfield site appraisal for Sites identified through the Homes and Communities Agency have now been examined.  The work is anticipated to be finalised following final feedback from Bolsover District Council (BDC).

The project to examine development potential for a site in the area is in its final stages of completion.

The Public House Feasibility Study Post Evaluation Report has now been submitted to The East Midlands Development Agency.

The Project Officer is currently working on key development sites in the district as well as liaising with Derbyshire County Council (DCC) to examine various assets both in control of BDC and DCC.
2010/11 Quarter 3

Brownfield sites identified through the Homes and Communities Agency are being appraised by the appointed consultants. Further meetings to be held with the Homes & Communities Agency and the consultants.

The project to examine development potential of a site in the area has been commissioned.  On-going meetings and discussions with developer contacts have taken place. A presentation was arranged to allow Henry Boot Developments to provide an update to Councillors on Markham Vale.

A report on developers and businesses has been produced for the Director of Development and a Developer Forum Event (to be held on a regular basis) is in the process of being organised.

2010/11 Quarter 2

Discussions and meetings have continued with the Homes & Communities Agency in relation to brownfield sites.

Meetings have been held with various parties to discuss the possibility of a strategic site being explored.

Employment site protection is currently being discussed with the Planning department. Various ongoing meetings and discussions with developer contacts (and consultants) regarding employment sites have been held.
2010/11 Quarter 1

Discussions and meetings are proceeding with the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) in relation to examining brownfield sites.  A number of sites have now been identified that could be explored.

Further discussions have been held with a retail store agent for a site in the district The area was identified through Master planning work. The matter involves discussing proposals and possible land transactions, which could help facilitate development.

Marketing work continues through the Business Bolsover project, which has now gone live.  Meetings continue to be held with developer contacts to promote the role and Business Bolsover services.
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