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Year End UpdateThe project is progressing well and has had a number of impacts on the progress of the Design and Build contract and the ongoing management of the facility.A facilities management procurement exercise was carried out in accordance with the OJEU rules relating to public sector procurement. However none of the bidders offered an affordable service so other options are being considered.Bolsover District Council also advertised to appoint a marketing consultancy to achieve its marketing and communication objectives.

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2011/12 Year End

Design and Build Contract

The project is progressing well and has had a number of impacts on both the progress of the Design and Build contract and also the management of the facility upon its completion.

Facilities Management

The procurement was carried out in accordance with the OJEU rules relating to public sector procurement.  The pre-qualification process was open to all contractors who responded to the OJEU Contract Notice published in the European Journal.  However none of the bidders offered an affordable service so alternative options are currently being considered.

Marketing and Branding

Bolsover District Council has advertised a procurement opportunity (with a closing date for tenders of 4 April 2012) to appoint a specialist strategic marketing consultancy to work with the Council to achieve its marketing, communication and business development objectives with regards to The Tangent. 

2011/12 Quarter 3

Design and Build Contract
The sight was secured on 12 September 2011 with foundations excavated, drains installed and utility instillation orders have been placed for the site.

Facilities Management
The activity this quarter includes preparation on the Invitation to Tender suite of documents. The tender returns were due on 12 January 2012 and a review, interview and recommendation of the successful tender will follow.

Next quarter will see the completion of the superstructure and external fittings to make the building water tight and interior design will continue to develop. Over the next quarter the Marketing Brief will be developed together with a quote sought to develop a brand identity and naming of the centre.  

2011/12 Quarter 2
 During Quarter 2 the project has achieved the following impacts:
  • Meetings have taken place with Nabarro and Turner and Townsend to discuss the Facilities Management and the production of the Invitation to Tender, and also the draft contract agreement which will be issued alongside.  Discussions are still ongoing and the document will be completed, agreed and issued in Quarter 3;
  • PQQ documents for Facilities Management were returned prior to the deadline, with the evaluation recommending five preferred contractors to be invited to submit a full tender document;
  • First contract meeting with J Tomlinson;
  • 26 July hosted emda for Article 13 visit on project;
  • 6 September hosted the 'Meet the Buyer' event alongside J Tomlinson, discussing with local businesses any opportunities to work with the main contractor on the project, 27 businesses attended the event;
  • J Tomlinson contract mobilisation and design team meetings have taken place with the first progress meeting scheduled with the Contractor, Sub-contractors, and the Client on 5 October.
2011/12 Quarter 1

The project has achieved the following impacts during Quarter 1:

  • the small and large parcels of land required for access to, and the development site itself respectively have been purchased
  • the design team completed and issued the complete Stage D report and tender document
  • the tender exercise for the Design and Build Contractor has been completed, including: issuing the tender documentation to all five companies; conducting mid-tender interviews; evaluating and reconciling the tender responses from each of the five companies; and conducting post-tender interviews with all five companies.  A Tender Report has been completed by Turner and Townsend, and is currently with the local authority for approval
  • the pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) was issued through the Official Journal of the European Union for the Facilities Management contract for when the Centre is open and operational

Following the need for the submission of a full planning application for the design amendments to the Centre in March 2011 (Claim two), the District Council received planning approval for the development.  The wind turbine planning application is yet to be determined. The project is developing as anticipated.

2010/11 Year End

Development of the Shirebrook Enterprise Centre continues, although there is little visual impact to date.

14 students from Shirebrook Academy have been involved in a focus group to develop a name and the beginning of a brand/storyboard for the Centre.  The group came up with over 100 potential names and then shortlisted 9/10 possibilities.

Land acquisition negotiations are ongoing due to access issues over the small parcel owned by the Land Trust and the current lack of electricity supply.  The target completion date is 30 April.  The main Contractor procurement exercise has commenced and the preparation of the tender document is underway.

2010/11 Quarter 3

The project is progressing through the early stages of legal requirements to support the funding agreement (undertaken by the local authority's legal representative) as well as searches with regard to land acquisition.  As a result of this work there has been little impact from the project to date.

The project is developing as anticipated, with a full procurement process undertaken by Bolsover District Council.  This was done at risk by the Authority to ensure from the point of signing the funding agreement for the project; an Employers Agent would be in place to commence delivery.  This in turn has resulted in the full design team being in place for appointment immediately after the signing of the Funding Agreement.  Activities will commence on 4 January 2011 in line with the project plan.

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