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Relationships and Self Esteem (RAiSE)
Year End UpdateProject delivery in Quarter 4 included activities that focus on the effect of pornography on relationships, stereotypes and assumptions, racism and prejudice, managing stress, bullying and bitchiness, sexual violence, risky behaviour, and trust.Teachers have reported noticeable changes to those who have participated in the RAiSE activity.This project is funded through the WNF until October 2012.

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2011/12 Year End

The project continues to overachieve the target profiled for the number of young people benefiting from the RAiSE project.

Project delivery this quarter has included delivering activities that focus on the effect of pornography on relationships, stereotypes and assumptions, racism and prejudice, managing stress, bullying and bitchiness, sexual violence, risky behaviour and trust.  The delivery team continue to evaluate delivery and meet regularly with teachers. Teachers have reported noticeable changes to those who have participated in the RAiSE activity.  During the next quarter, April – June, the staff team will continue to deliver the project in schools as well as delivering sessions in the communities of Bolsover and South Normanton.

This project is currently funded through the WNF until October 2012.

2011/12 Quarter 3

The project continues to overachieve the target profiled for reducing the number of under 18 year olds conception rate. Project delivery this quarter has included working with three male groups and two female groups.

It has been learned that including delivery out of school hours in addition to usual delivery creates a more flexible approach, in terms of young people being encouraged to take part in ‘bit-size’ activities and discussions.

The delivery team have continued to evaluate the programme to ensure that the variety of young peoples needs are met, this has lead to the staff team continually changing and re-developing the programme. 

2011/12 Quarter 2
This quarter spanned the school summer holiday period and, as a result, the RAiSE project had to take on a more creative and flexible approach in order to reach young people that would benefit from the programme.

Activities included the facilitation of a Breakfast Club on Monday morning 10am - 12pm and a Girls Space Club on Wednesday morning 10am – 12pm. Both club sessions incorporated a shorter RAiSE programme with discussions and activities that focused on healthy and unhealthy relationships, communication and assertiveness skills and planning for the future. Good relationships with the young people have been established resulting in young people discussing issues and concerns that they are experiencing in their lives and the staff team designing a further youth work plan to meet needs. In addition to the above clubs the staff team facilitated outdoor activities to encourage the young people to develop greater confidence and self esteem.
2011/12 Quarter 1

Over the last quarter the team has been facilitating five RAiSE programmes in Heritage and Bolsover schools. The project has reported difficulties getting the programme delivered in Frederick Gent School, but a summer holiday scheme in South Normanton will hopefully capture the young people from that school.

Initially this project was only commissioned for one year, with funding being ring-fenced for year two subject to a successful evaluation.  A presentation was made to the Executive Board in July and approval has now been given to extend delivery into a second academic year.  A funding agreement letter will be issued in September 2011.

2010/11 Year End

During Quarter 4 the RAiSE Facilitators have been working in three secondary schools (Heritage, Bolsover and Shirebrook). After several meetings, Frederick Gent School has also agreed to participate in the project.  The RAiSE Facilitators have been delivering the 14 week programme to groups of up to 16 young people. Originally, there were six programmes being delivered to 66 young people. Unfortunately, one of the groups had to be terminated after four weeks. This was mainly because of an inconsistency of group members attending the sessions.

The RAiSE programme has delivered a variety of activities and tasks to support young people develop a better understanding of:

  • communication and listening skills
  • developing a greater respect for others
  • team work
  • assertiveness/aggressiveness/passiveness
  • understanding the needs of girls and understanding the needs of boys
  • healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • personal attributes and qualities
  • making relationships special

The RAiSE Team has delivered 70 one-hour sessions. During the first three weeks, individuals within the groups were generally disruptive, rude, unsociable, or not mixing very well.  Change is beginning to take place amongst individuals though including:

  • Respecting the facilitators and other young people by not talking over them and listening to what they have to say
  • Joining in the activities and having fun
  • Engaging in discussion
  • Understanding challenge and accepting points of view
  • Recognising that there are other ways of communicating
  • Talking about their personal life and experiences
  • Sharing their views about underage sex
  • Encouraging others to respect their body

The teaching staff have also made comments about the young people enjoying the RAiSE Project. They find it amazing that these ‘hard cases’ are happy to walk around school wearing a name badge that the facilitators have personally made for them.

The RAiSE Project has proved to be successful because the facilitators:

  • affirm young people with positive praise
  • create a relaxed atmosphere and don’t flinch at the choice of language that the young people use
  • give individual young people attention
  • remind the young people that they are wonderfully unique
  • are interested in what young people have got to say and value their opinions
  • remember things the young people have told them
  • ask the young people open ended questions and encourage their involvement
  • include everybody in discussions and activities
2010/11 Quarter 3

Having successfully interviewed candidates on 19 October 2010, the RAiSE Project commenced with the newly employed facilitators on 1 November 2010.

The timetabled induction and training period (November – December) began with the lead co-ordinators facilitating ‘getting to know’ sessions. These sessions included getting to know the team, getting to know SNaP Development Project and getting to know the RAiSE project resource.

During the induction and training programme the facilitators were given tasks to help them become more familiar with the RAiSE programme. Towards the end of the training and induction period the facilitators were taken to meet the key staff members at some of the schools they will be working at. These meetings gave the facilitators time to ask teachers questions and gain information about school policies and procedures.

The RAiSE programme will be delivered in three schools in Bolsover district. The programme will be delivered on the following days:

  • Heritage School : Monday am, Monday pm, Wednesday am, Wednesday pm
  • Shirebrook School: Wednesday pm
  • Bolsover School: Monday am

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