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Raising Aspirations - Adults (CVP)
Aspirations RaisedThe majority of targets have either been met or exceeded on this project with 180 people engaged in informal learning and almost 160 undertaking an OCN accredited course.On 15 March 2012, a celebration event was held at Doe Lea Resource Centre to celebrate the success of the WNF funded projects and to recognise the achievements of the learners, the volunteers and the volunteer involving organisations.

Volunteering Project



About the project...

This project aimed to increase the employability, skills and confidence of local people through the provision of high quality volunteering opportunities. 

A full time project worker was responsible for identifying and developing a range of volunteering opportunities, ensuring that volunteers that were recruited, placed, and supported, benefited from appropriate personal and professional development opportunities and best practice models.

An additional part time project worker recruited volunteers to act as community health champions to work with their peers in order to promote and adopt healthier lifestyles.