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Raising Aspirations - Adults (CVP)
Aspirations RaisedThe majority of targets have either been met or exceeded on this project with 180 people engaged in informal learning and almost 160 undertaking an OCN accredited course.On 15 March 2012, a celebration event was held at Doe Lea Resource Centre to celebrate the success of the WNF funded projects and to recognise the achievements of the learners, the volunteers and the volunteer involving organisations.

Raising Aspirations (Adults - CVP)


About the project...

This project aimed to help create socially and economically thriving communities through raising aspirations and building the capacity of local people. It provideed a range of entry points into learning and skills development which recognised existing skills and confidence levels as well as the particular requirements and constraints facing excluded individuals. It offered a flexible approach to learning and skills development which was locally delivered, community based, and individually tailored for unemployed and economically inactive adults throughout the district.

The project objectives were to:

  • Undertake community engagement activities to identify learning needs, interests and obstacles
  • Build a database of training/learning provision and community based facilities
  • Deliver informal learning opportunities designed to engage new learners, build confidence, self-esteem and the capacity to engage in further programmes of learning
  • Deliver National Open College Network (OCN) accredited learning packages
  • Recruit and support Community Learning Champions

Underpinning this delivery was the ‘community development approach’ to community based learning. Central to all of the training/learning delivery was a sense of personal growth and transformation where people are encouraged and empowered to take greater control of their lives, make decisions about their future and actively participate in changing their personal circumstances and improving their communities.

Key aspects of this project included supporting the creation and delivery of informal and OCN accredited learning by local people and community groups themselves. Training support and development opportunities were provided to local people to become community based Learning Champions. The role of Learning Champions was to deliver local training, signpost local people to training/learning opportunities, advocate on behalf of local people and provide mentoring support to learners.

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