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Raising Aspirations - Adults (CVP)
Aspirations RaisedThe majority of targets have either been met or exceeded on this project with 180 people engaged in informal learning and almost 160 undertaking an OCN accredited course.On 15 March 2012, a celebration event was held at Doe Lea Resource Centre to celebrate the success of the WNF funded projects and to recognise the achievements of the learners, the volunteers and the volunteer involving organisations.

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2011/12 Year End

Excellent progress has been made by the project during Quarter 4, with the majority of targets either being met or exceeded. CVP has worked extremely hard over the last six months or so to get these targets back on track from a fairly slow start at the beginning of the project.

On 15 March, a celebration event was held at Doe Lea Resource Centre to celebrate the success of the WNF funded projects and to recognise the achievements of the learners, the volunteers and the volunteer involving organisations.

There has also been the addition of another City and Guilds 7300 Introduction to Trainer Skills, which has equipped a further four economically inactive residents of Bolsover to gain a level 3 qualification.

2011/12 Quarter 3

Good progress has been made this quarter against targets, with good outcomes for people entering employment. Courses that were delivered in Q3 include:

  • 2 x Introduction to Health and Social Care – level 2
  • Wood Working (Limestone Journeys) – informal
  • Introduction to Trainer skills, City and Guilds 7300 – Level 3
  • Wood Carving (Limestone Journeys) – informal
  • Make your own Christmas  - informal
  • 4 x Introduction to Financial Capability

A ‘bit of a do’ event was held in December to celebrate the success of learners, to present certificates and to recruit for further courses and volunteering opportunities. 35 people attended all who had been involved with CVP as a learner, a volunteer or a volunteering organisation.   

2011/12 Quarter 2
 A number of activities took place this quarter including:
  • Health and safety in the workplace - level 2
  • Get Digging
  • Food Hygiene - level 2
  • IT basics
  • Using computers for work
  • OCN level 1 Spreadsheets
  • Emergency First Aid - level 1
  • The Success Factor
  • Conflict Management
  • Ice Age Camp
  • Bushcraft
  • Introduction to Hedge Laying/Tree Planting
  • Introduction to Customer Service
2011/12 Quarter 1

A number of activities took place this quarter including:

  • Confidence Building
  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Food Safety in Catering
  • Community Champions Course (five on track to complete)
  • Limestone Journeys Launch
  • Volunteers Week Sessions
  • The Big Celebration (joint event across all Raising Aspirations projects)
  • Working with Family Employment Initiative and Jobcentre Plus deliver a Work Club in Shirebrook

2010/11 Year End

The project has been busy delivering a number of events and training programmes over the last quarter including First Aid and Food Safety courses as well as sessions in Confidence Building, Budgeting, Emailing, Healthy Eating, Fitness, and Craft/Painting.

A Share-Celebrate-Learn event at Doe Lea took place in March 2011 in conjunction with Read On Write Away and some of the Children’s Centre’s and focused on promoting and taking part in learning as well as the recruitment and promotion of community champions and the presentation of volunteering awards.  At this event:

  • 32 people attended
  • 12 were interested in becoming a Community Champion
  • 12 were interested in further training opportunities

Outputs achieved by the project remain below target across the board.  Discussions with the project manager are needed therefore to assess whether outputs not achieved in 2010/11 can be achieved in future years.

2010/11 Quarter 3

Although some outputs are down against target in Quarter 3, plans to catch up by the end of 2010/11 are in place (with the exception of OCN3 and NVQ2, which will be added to next year’s targets).

The Working Neighbourhoods Fund Technical Group has approved a carry forward of £15,000 from this financial year into 2011/12, part of which will be used to fund a state of the art training facility within CVP’s new premises in the centre of Bolsover.

2010/11 Quarter 2

Activities that have been taking place during Quarter2:

  • The Capacity Building and Development Officer commenced in post on 19 July 2010
  • A training plan has been developed and includes OCN accredited and informal courses
  • The first ‘Community Champions’ course has been developed and is aimed at developing essential knowledge/skills
  • Requests for training are being received and two First Aid courses are scheduled in, one for a walking group and the other for a mum’s group, some of whom are potential Learning Champions.
  • A database of training venues and providers is being developed
  • Community engagement activities are in the planning stage

The full activities programme will commence in October 2010, with community engagement events planned monthly during Quarter 3.

2010/11 Quarter 1

The most significant outcome in Quarter 1 was the successful recruitment of the Training and Capacity Building Officer – Deborah Morton – who will be responsible for delivering the project.  Deborah will take up the post on 19 July 2010.

Plans for Quarter 2 include:

  • Training network meetings
  • Mapping and initial fun taster events
  • Promotional material disseminated
  • Detailed informal learning plan developed
  • OCN training programme drafted and accreditation secured for courses commencing October
  • First Community Learning Champions identified and recruited.

Meetings and Events

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