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Year End UpdateFollowing the success of this pilot programme, with all targets being met or exceeded, an extension of the contract has been awarded to Chesterfield College to deliver a further three cohorts. Funding from the Adult Learner Responsive Fund is also being used to match fund the WNF.During Quarter 4, additional sessions were delivered in response to feedback from focus groups. These additions included an employer visit, guest speakers, and a volunteering morning.

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2011/12 Year End

The project has made excellent progress during 2011/12 with the majority of targets being met or exceeded.  There continues to be linkages with the MAT teams particularly with teen parents and vulnerable young people.  Good progress against each of the strands has been achieved. 

Under Strand 1 there have been various activities over the quarter in each of the six schools which include targeting schools and wider community around Health, Education, Employment and Training (HEET Roadshows). This is being co-ordinated with the Healthy Neighbourhoods Team for Bolsover. The substance misuse worker has been supporting a number of identified students who are at risk of exclusion due to alcohol/drug issues.

Under Strand 2 The Princes Trust delivered Get in Care and Get Started with Media. The teen parent project worker had developed and delivered, in partnership with the Domestic Abuse Outreach worker in Bolsover, a healthy relationships programme called ‘All About You!’ for teen mothers. Outreach work delivered for post 16 young people with substance misuse issues with intensive follow up work. Progressions made into EET with three successfully progressing who are being supported around their drugs and/or alcohol issues.

Strand 3 with Barnardo’s has drawn to a close with an end of contract meeting review and planning session held in March to identify the current situation of participants, the support required and who best to offer this and a plan for continued support for clients in need.

Strands 1 and 2 of this project continue into 2012/13 with funding currently until March 2013.

2011/12 Quarter 3

Progress has been achieved across all stands this quarter.

All five mainstream schools have continued to work in partnership with the project, leading to a productive first term of the school year with ways to raise the aspirations of their students. Activity in the schools has included college experience days and extended work placements. Individual and intensive support has been given to students looking at substance misuse and those at risk of permanent exclusion. Some have gained accredited employability training including health and safety at work and food hygiene for Year 11 students.

An ‘Open Up’ project began this quarter via Rhubarb Farm which included some of the most vulnerable and lowest confidence clients and this has enabled progressions to be identified for some of the participants.

2011/12 Quarter 2

Five schools are continuing to work with the project to plan new ways to raise the aspirations of their students.  Year 11 leavers from each of the 5 schools have been supported to identify a positive progression post 16 with the addition of a further team member increasing the capacity to focus on individual support for vulnerable students.

The Get Started with Football programme, in conjunction with Chesterfield Football Club was delivered in July with 15 young people who were selected after a taster day. Fourteen completed with progressions made into education, employment and training (EET) for many participants.

There have been seven teen parents progressing into EET, and the Project Worker focused on supporting care leavers, has aided the progression of a significant number of young people into EET in the quarter.

Bolsover Partnership has agreed to extend the project (strands 1-2) until September 2012 with a view to extending it into 2013.  The project Manager has fed back how reassuring it is that the significant work that the project is undertaking is recognised by many different partners, and would like to extend her gratitude for the statements of support made at the Technical Group meeting.


Get Into Hospital Services

The Prince's Trust and Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust are offering a free four week training course at Chesterfield Royal Hospital. Which gives you work experience in a wide range of hospital services roles, such as administration, catering, maintenance, portering, and security.

If you are aged 16-25, unemployed and live in Bolsover district you are elgible to join the free training programme. If you are interested a Taster Day will be held on 14 November so you can find out if the course is for you. The course will start on Monday 21 November 2011.

For more information or to sign up contact Debbie on 07534 992 164, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or call the regional office on 0116 255 0400

2011/12 Quarter 1

All schools are continuing to work with the project to plan new ways to raise the aspirations of their students. The addition of further team members has increased the capacity to focus on individual support for vulnerable students.

Fifteen young people have been selected to start the Prince’s Trust Get Started with Football programme in conjunction with Chesterfield Football Club following a taster day on 28 June.

Extensive work in partnership with District Multi Agency Teams to support vulnerable young people to take their first steps towards education, employment or training (EET).

Other support taking place includes:

  • 20 Key Stage 4 young people with substance misuse issues have been supported at the request of schools because they are unlikely to make a positive progression into EET at post 16 without this intervention.
  • 10 young people in EET destinations at Post 16 are being supported to remain in this positive progression by working with the Substance Misuse Project Worker to address issues.
  • 16 young people who are all vulnerable and at risk of being NEET were supported by the Vulnerable Groups Worker.
  • 1 young parent aged 20 referred and attending Strand 4 of the project delivered by Chesterfield College
  • 6 teen parent EET progressions secured for September
  • 7 young people working with Vulnerable Groups Worker secured offers of learning for September
  • 5 offers of learning secure for care leavers to commence in September

2010/11 Year End

This project has made extremely good progress against its output targets, overachieving on many of them.  This achievement is against a backdrop of upheaval that took place in Quarter 4 with the decision made to close Connexions Derbyshire Ltd and novate the contract.  The Project Manager would like to raise awareness that the difficult circumstances experienced will continue with the move into Derbyshire County Council for the project staff, as different difficulties will be experienced over the forthcoming few months around systems and procedures, however they shall endeavour to deliver to the same high quality as before.

This quarterly update focuses on the support being received by schools.

All schools are continuing to work with the project to plan new ways to raise the aspirations of their students and work towards a higher proportion of their Year 11 leavers moving into positive post 16 destinations and sustaining the progressions made.  The addition of further team members will increase the capacity to focus on individual support for vulnerable students.  During Quarter 4 there has been significant activity taking place within schools and a detailed report in activity follows:

Shirebrook Academy:

  • 153 Year 11 Students participated in a College Experience Day held at West Notts College – 1 February
  • Year 10 Extended Work placements, Jan – April 2011 (funded by School April onwards)
  • Supporting individual Year 11 students (mid year transfers) to access appropriate alternative provision
  • Post 16 tasters in vocational areas
  • Psychotherapy with Art introduced to support some of the more vulnerable students
  • Pleasley Vale – alternative provision continuing in collaboration with Extended Services –Year 10 and 11 students
  • Mix it up! Confidence building after school activity for a co-hort of five Year 9 students via DJ skills

Heritage High:

  • Pleasley Vale – alternative provision continuing in collaboration with Extended Services –Year 10 and 11 students
  • Mix it up! Confidence building after school activity for a co-hort of eight Year 11 vulnerable students via DJ skills
  • Development of an Aiming High engagement for Year 9 plus Year 5 and 6 students and parents with Year 11 mentors to be delivered as part of the closing the gap agenda
  • Intensive support via the substance misuse worker during February and March for an identified group of young people at risk of higher level use

Bolsover School:

  • Pleasley Vale – alternative provision continuing in collaboration with Extended Services –Year 10 and 11 students
  • Mix it up! Confidence building after school activity for a co-hort of five Year 9 students via DJ skills
  • Project Gambia – international citizenship project. Funding to allow equality of access to the project for vulnerable students took place March 2011
  • Living in a Diverse Society - Cultural exchange work linking with another school took place in February 2011

Tibshelf Community school:

  • Pleasley Vale – continuing alternative provision in collaboration with Extended Services for Year 10 and 11 students
  • Extended work placements for potential NEET Year 11 students (13) completed during March 2011
  • Year 10 Enterprise Super learning day – support with themed discussion groups around substance misuse and teen pregnancy (40 students)

Frederick Gent School:

  • Mix it up! Confidence building after school activity for a co-hort of five Yr10 students via DJ skills plus two permanently excluded Year 11 students
  • Supporting individual Year 11 students to access appropriate alternative provision
  • Development of an employability package for selected Year 10 students to be delivered during the summer term
  • Launch motivational event for Year 9 students options delivered by the Art of Brilliance 1 February for the whole year group

Stubbin Wood School:

  • College experience Day run by West Notts college – all Year 10 students attended
Quarter 3

Despite a slight underachievement in some of the headline targets this quarter, the project is continuing to have an impact on the NEET figures for the district and the figures at the end of Quarter 3 show that NEET stood at 9.3% and the most recent figures on 10 January show NEET to be at 8.8%. Additionally the project is having an impact on locating young people who have previously been unknown and being able to target them to work with; despite the subsequent impact this then has on the NEET target it means that more young people can be offered support.

All schools are being actively supported under Strand 1 of the project through a combination of generic offers for all schools and activities to address their individual priorities. The addition of further team members will increase the capacity to focus on individual support for vulnerable students.  Strand 3 work continues to be in high demand with work to engage and progress care leavers into EET.  Due to the complex and long life of cases there has been more emphasis on continuing work with existing clients over this quarter rather than new referrals being taken on.

Quarter 2

There has been significant activity in Quarter 2 to progress young people into sustainable EET outcomes and the progress that has been made means that the current NEET Level is 10.4%, in comparison to 12.5% the same time last year, with the total percentage in EET being 63.4% this year compared with 45.8% last year.

The concern around capturing the progression of young people who were supported via strand 1 and progressing into EET has been resolved and progression data includes six school leavers who have progressed successfully at the end of their compulsory education. Unfortunately the input for the students in Year 11 2009/10 commenced too late into the year to capture any true reflection on the impact that this work had on Key Stage 4 results and therefore this output is going to be based on the achievements attained by Year 11 students 2010/11 when they have had a year long programme of support offered by the project.

The initiatives supported for the post 16 NEET co-hort are proving successful at delivering progression pathways for the participants and has meant that sustainable outcomes have been located for many. Through tracking of the participants it has been evidenced that some of these participants have progressed on from their entry level course to higher level courses. This has supported the output for those working towards a Level 2 or above qualification.

The work that started with teen parents last quarter has continued, with the focus moving away from engagement and towards EET progressions. The delivery of ‘Making It!’ which was a day of children’s activities and workshops for parents delivered by providers, attracted 19 parents with families and the project is currently working with them to turn initial interest into outcomes.

The young people working with the substance misuse worker for the project are individuals who require a high intensity of support; however significant EET progressions are starting to be made.  The requests for support from different educational and youth groups means that access to low level guidance can be provided which can prevent individuals from becoming NEET.

Quarter 1
The project has made a good start to the second year by achieving positive results in terms of engagement and progression. There has also been additional work undertaken that is not reflected by the outputs as both of the Strand 2 project workers also work with young people who are already in a positive outcome, but who wouldn’t be able to sustain this if they didn’t have the added support.

The preventative aspect of the project is a particular focus under Strand 1. As a result, many Year 11 leavers with the potential to become NEET are engaged in a variety of activities across the summer designed to leading them into sustainable EET outcomes in August/September. This is another area of work that may not be reflected via the reporting mechanism as they won’t become NEET but data can be collated against their potential and end destination.

The significant work that has taken place with care leavers and children in care is not only a response to the work delivered under Strand 3, but is also a result of the inclusive nature of the other areas of work undertaken by the project. Whilst Caroline Conway‘s role within Action For Children contributes greatly to this element, other workers and activities have also made a contribution to these figures.

All of the progressions made into EET have been made with young people who have been NEET for six months or more, highlighting that with the client group that the project is reaching, are those that require this length of support to address their issues before moving into an EET outcome. These individuals have also shown an extensive amount of distance travelled to reach this point and the capturing of these softer outcomes via recording methods is a key focus over the next quarter.

10 Dec 2009 - New project launches and starts to raise aspirations in Bolsover!

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