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Project CompleteOver 80 businesses received support from this project (most of whom had never employed graduates before), and 100% of them agreed the graduates made a difference to the growth of their business!Targets were exceeded in terms of graduates being supported, and awareness of the benefits of graduate skills has been raised within local businesses who are now more likely to engage with the service in future.

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2010/11 Year End

The focus of activity in Quarter 4 shifted to managing existing contracts rather than chasing cold data in order to maximise return on investment.  This ensured that key accounts were closed off correctly, securing the future sustainability of the graduate placements and potential long term employment as WNF ceased at the end of March 2011.  A total of 11 placements were facilitated in Quarter 4 (the start dates of some are April 2011), bringing the total number of graduates placed to 17 in 2010/11, against a target of 36 (47% achieved).

The secondary objective for the quarter was to supplement the evaluation produced in December 2010 with comprehensive recommendations for future activity.  The output driven nature of the project has limitations on a restricted geography with a business demographic such as Bolsover district, and lessons learned have revealed opportunities for improving on retention and allowing more long-term focus.  The report is available from the LSP website.

Although this project will not continue to be funded through the WNF from April 2011, the Hot Prospects service will still be available across the East Midlands.  The longer term benefits of the Bolsover specific Hot Prospects service is that it will have raised an awareness of the service within Bolsover businesses that are then more likely to engage with the service again should further graduate placement opportunities arise.

2010/11 Quarter 3
During the current financial year, the HotProspects service has failed to achieve the number of graduate placements it was profiled to deliver.  Regular meetings have taken place with HotProspects to address the challenges being faced, resulting in the project making a number of alterations, amendments and additions to its operations.  However, the number of graduate placements is still lagging considerably so an evaluation report prepared by HotProspects was taken to the Employment and Enterprise Action Group in January 2011.  The outcome of that meeting was that the contract should continue until March 2011 with the aim to continue working with all businesses that currently have placements identified to fill them by the end of the financial year.  The overall view was that the HotProspects service had met a need but recognised that the business market had been saturated and the intensive service was no longer needed in the district.  A copy of the evaluation report is available upon request.
2010/11 Quarter 2
Although Q2 has attracted a number of new businesses and graduates to the service, the number of graduates commencing placements have been much lower than profile.  A number of meetings have taken place with the project managers to discuss concerns and new approaches are being tried to increase success, including more dedicated resource towards business support.  Having said that it is very unlikely that the target of 36 will be achieved by March 2011 and a revised target of 21 has been proposed by the project.  An interim evaluation report has been submitted which sets out progress, the key challenges and successes.  This will be considered by the Employment and Enterprise Action Group so that a decision regarding the future of the programme can be taken.

312 graduates have been directly engaged with about the service and there are now 72 businesses actively registered. Recent additions include City Scaffolding, Hirst Signs, KB Install.

2010/11 Quarter 1
The project has experienced a difficult quarter with very little interest from businesses.  Therefore plans have been put in place for an alternative campaign that began at the very end of the quarter. The campaign turns the recruitment process on its head, and takes a portfolio of top graduates seeking work in the area out to businesses, with HotProspects going out to meet businesses to tell them exactly what these graduates could do for them. The Project Manager has reported that this approach is looking positive and graduates are keen on the idea.

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