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Project CompleteOver 80 businesses received support from this project (most of whom had never employed graduates before), and 100% of them agreed the graduates made a difference to the growth of their business!Targets were exceeded in terms of graduates being supported, and awareness of the benefits of graduate skills has been raised within local businesses who are now more likely to engage with the service in future.

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About the project...

The aim of this project has been to positively influence supply and demand related to graduate level skills shortages in Bolsover district.

One element to the project was to engage with Bolsover district employers, specifically small to medium enterprises (SMEs), to educate them on the benefits of employing graduates, challenge perceptions and raise awareness of how higher level skills can support their business. The target group of SMEs included those that had not previously employed graduates, had struggled to access higher level skills, or were reluctant to take financial risks in the current economic climate.

The other element was to raise graduate awareness of the district as a desirable destination, highlighting opportunities and conducting interviews to understand graduates’ desires, aspirations and fears.  The target groups included graduates that were currently not in work or training, or that were employed in non-graduate jobs.