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Stepping it up!Rhubarb Farm keeps getting bigger and better with fruit and veg crops, a cafe, home built pizza ovens, composting toilet, a bug hotel, a wildlife/pond area, and lots of activities.Over 150 volunteers have helped to clear, dig, plant and build on the site, and Rhubarb Farm has been extremely successful in engaging with the hardest to reach, particularly those with mental health issues and/or offender backgrounds. Although funding through the WNF ceased at the end of March 2012, much of the work at Rhubarb Farm will continue.

Raising Aspirations (Young People)

About the project...

This project aims to raise aspirations in those individuals who are most marginalised and furthest away from employment.  In particular, it provides additional support, engagement activities and training opportunities for pre-16 students and their families; 16–18 year olds who are not in education, employment or training (NEET); teenage parents, care leavers, homeless and vulnerable young people, and young people experiencing substance misuse issues. 

Strand I - This element of the project seeks to raise aspirations and increase the awareness amongst school age young people and their families regarding further educational and employment opportunities; and to encourage informed choices at Key Stage 4 and beyond.  A vulnerable groups tranistion worker has been appointed to support young people leaving school.

Strand 2 - Two key workers have been appointed, one to work with teen parents and one to work with young people who have drug or alcohol problems.  Young people who will potentially become NEET can be identified and given enhanced support through this project as soon as they leave school and before they have the opportunity to become NEET.

Strand 3 - an additional specialist worker from Barnado's offers dedicated support to care leavers who are NEET plus a programme of dedicated learning activities to prepare the young people for re-introduction and reintegration into a learning or employment environment while at the same time addressing their other barriers to economic and social wellbeing.

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