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Extract from sankes and ladders game
Snakes and Ladders - Climbing out of Poverty A snakes and ladders game has been developed to highlight the pitfalls and the support that can affect the level of poverty experienced by local people. A launch event of the game took place on 20 April at Shirebrook Market, and Dennis Skinner MP and Natascha Engle MP were first up to play. Here is a short video of both MPs playing the game. Video Footage

Financial Inclusion Project Archive


2011/12 Year End

During this quarter activity has concentrated on the future with WNF ceasing at the end of March 2012. It has been agreed that the current financial inclusion partnership will be widened and extended, and CVP will co-ordinate and facilitate quarterly financial inclusion partnership meetings. This is a good outcome of the project and will leave a legacy from the financial investment of the WNF. 

CVP will also continue to attend and participate in Financial Inclusion Derbyshire Steering Group meetings. A draft Financial Inclusion Strategy for Derbyshire has been developed and is currently being finalised.

A comprehensive library of Financial Capability materials has been purchased and is available for future use.

Meetings have been held with Shirebrook Financial Health Group on several occasions to try to assist this group in moving forward.

2011/12 Quarter 3

2 Shires Credit Union
Whilst new membership of the Credit Union (CU) is not yet on target, it is increasing and outputs are expected to be close to target by the end of the year.  A new collection point at the Social Club in Doe Lea has opened following the closure of the Social Club in Glapwell.  The CU is keen to seek more volunteers to reduce the reliance on paid staff.

Additional staff time has been provided by existing staff to meet demand for advice.

Clients continue to be advised on debt issues.  Attended court on eight occassions with clients on bankruptcy, repossessions and evictions.  Many cases are extremely complex and it is reported that it is difficult to cope with the demand for debt advice.

One stop shops – three appropriate one stop shops have been identified. The 2 Shires CU is working alongside DUWC in delivering their services at the same time.  There is now a one-stop shop in Clowne, South Normanton and Bolsover Methodist Church (opening January 12). 

The Saturday one-stop shop at Kitchencroft is still running and gets a steady flow of clients.

Kiosks – a partner meeting has taken place to discuss kiosks and existing/proposed sites have been mapped.

Website - a financial inclusion website will be developed providing access to FIS partners sites and other information/advice and will be programmed onto the kiosks.

2011/12 Quarter 2

A number of key project staff left during this quarter.  A contingency plan was agreed by all project partners and was presented to Bolsover Partnership’s Executive Board and Technical Group at the end of September.  The contingency plan was endorsed and CVP are now in the process of delivering it.

CVP’s Chief Executive Officer has attended a number of Financial Inclusion Derbyshire meetings to ensure continued partnership working between the two projects.  The main piece of work undertaken during this period has been working with a multi agency group established to produce an expression of interest for the BIG Lottery Financial Confidence Fund.  The expression of interest has been submitted.  It has been agreed that CVP will be the lead body if this bid is successful.  A decision is expected by November.

2011/12 Quarter 1
  • Two members of staff left during Quarter 1, so discussions have been taking place about replacing staff with sessional workers and buying in additional support
  • Work is underway to help progress the BIG Lottery Fund ‘Improving Financial Confidence’ bid which is aimed at reducing financial exclusion for social housing tenants
  • 227 new clients were given welfare benefits advice, giving a cumulative total of 1,384 new cases since April 2010.  Over £163,000 benefits were recovered (the highest so far) – in part this is due to many of the tribunal cases starting to come through
  • 44 new clients given debt advice, taking the total to 204
  • Net gain of 27 new credit union members, with 31 new loans totalling £21,000 (average loan £680).  From 23 June the Credit Union is now known as Two Shires Credit Union.

2010/11 Year End

Key activities in Quarter 4 include:

  • Three ‘Making Sense of Your Money’ campaigns in Tibshelf, Glapwell and Blackwell with over 56 people benefiting from intense advice during these campaigns
  • Joint campaign with Bolsover District Council Housing to support tenants identified as needing specific interventions
  • Two new credit union collection points were opened in Glapwell and South Normanton
  • Continuing to work with colleagues to refine and develop the community champion model and community one stop shop.
  • In March, worked with ROWA (Read On Write Away) to organise a volunteering/ community champions event at Doe Lea which was attended by over 50 local volunteers
  • Delivered financial capability training to the Bridge Project (formerly Route 4), and the Raising Aspirations project.
  • Delivered training to staff and volunteers in local Childrens centres at Shirebrook and Whaley Thorns.
  • Discussions taking place with Tesco distribution about payroll deduction for employees.
  • Advice and guidance provided to over 250 employees at Sports Direct in Shirebrook
  • Credit union payroll deduction continues to be discussed with Bolsover District Council.
  • 334 new clients receiving benefits advice with a third of all cases to date now being closed.
  • An additional £542,238 in benefits has been recovered in 2010/11.
  • Some movement is now being seen by the Tribunal Service in addressing the backlog of outstanding cases (approx. 150 tribunals outstanding at the moment).
  • 47 new members of the credit union with 44 new loans totalling £22,927 (average loan is £521). The savings compared to high interest lenders is over £275 in lower repayments per loan. 37 of these loans have been Smartloans (loans for people who have not been members) totalling £17,507. Without Smartloans, which are funded by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), these people would be prey to high interest lenders (legal and illegal). The DWP have further extended the smartloan contract for Worksop and District Credit Union.

The project has achieved a considerable amount in 2010/11 over-achieving on many of its output targets, particularly around debt and benefits advice.  Some outputs however have not been achieved and discussions with the project manager will take place to address this.  The biggest issue for the project moving forward is the availability of external funding to continue activities.  There is a requirement for additional funding to be gained or the outcome will be the project folding by December 2011.  The Big Lottery are launching a new fund in June 2011 which may prove to be one source of revenue, as could the Coalfields Regeneration Trust main grants programme which recently secured additional funding through the Department for Communities and Local Government.

2010/11 Quarter 3
Key activities in Quarter 3 include:
  • The Financial Services Authrity authorising the extension of the common bond for the credit union to the whole of the district.  Four new collection points will be established by March 2011 in South Normanton, Tibshelf, Glapwell and one other.
  • A meeting with Tesco at Barlborough to discuss payroll deduction for the credit union. They employ over 1000 workers, and are recommending that they go ahead to their board.
  • NAVCA published a report on intelligent commissioning in December, called a Bridge Between Two Worlds. This features a case study of the Bolsover Financial Inclusion Project.
  • 271 new welfare benefit cases giving a cumulative total of 823 new cases since April 2010, (target for 2010/11 is 600). The files on a third of these cases have now been closed, and £355,320.70 in additional benefits has been recovered against a target of £250,000 for 2010/11. This is made up of £33,088 in one off and backdated payments, and weekly payments totalling £322,232.
  • 41 new clients with debt problems, bringing the total since the project started to 114.  Total debt across all these cases is £2,028,583.  Of the 114 cases so far:
    • in 103 cases people had no savings
    • 31 had debts with doorstep and payday lenders
    • 70 included priority debts (i.e. mortgage, rent, tax)
    • 67 earn under £14.5k per annum.
  • 24 new members of the credit union with 39 new loans totalling £17,000 (average loan is £393). The savings compared to high interest lenders is over £275 in lower repayments per loan.
2010/11 Quarter 2
Key activities during Quarter 2:
  • Published the first print issue of B£IT News in August
  • Established a new credit union collection point in Bolsover Methodist Centre
  • Junior Savings Club launched at Bolsover Church of England school
  • 306 new welfare benefit cases with £135,047 recovered
  • 40 new clients with debt problems, total debts of £862,521
  • 40 new members of the credit union
  • 46 new loans arranged through the credit union totalling £14,595 (savings average £200 per client)
  • Appeared live on Radio Sheffield discussing access to basic bank accounts and credit union.
  • Clowne credit union collection point moved to the Parish Rooms
  • Delivered 24 presentations and talks on Financial Inclusion.
  • 10 new volunteers trained to enable the new collection point to be established at Bolsover.
  • Contributed to research by the National Association of Voluntary and Community Councils (NAVCA) on ‘Intelligent Commissioning’. Bolsover Financial Inclusion Project is being hailed as a good example of intelligent commissioning.
  • Established a new community led group to address financial exclusion in Bolsover
  • Provided seven training courses for 65 people.
  • Developed internal training capacity with three members of the team completing City & Guilds 7300 (Adult Learning).
2010/11 Quarter 1
The project encountered a delay commencing in 2009/10 due to recruitment difficulties.  However these issues have now been resolved and some really good progress has been made in Quarter 1.  In summary:
  • All staff (with the exception of the financial capability development worker) commenced in post
  • The first Financial Inclusion Forum was held on 8 June
  • A monthly e-newsletter commenced in May
  • Three new community outreach points in Whitwell, South Normanton and Carr Vale were established
  • 16 presentations held with a variety of groups
  • Junior Savings Club established at Brookfield School
  • A volunteer recruitment and training programme has been developed and is starting to be promoted
  • 226 new welfare benefit cases started with £78,800 recovered in additional benefits
  • 33 new clients with debt problems with debts totalling £590,955
  • 44 new loans arranged through the credit union
  • The delivery of basic bank accounts through credit union collection points has been agreed and supported by Barclays Bank.
  • Additional funding secured to contribute to the project in the region of £48,000

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