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Continued CommitmentThis successful project helped over 500 people into work by providing intensive one-to-one support to individuals and families who were experiencing significant labour market barriers. The FEI Nurse also assisted over 130 unemployed people with their health needs, many of which were related to mental health and musculoskeletal issues. Project funding has now ended but the Coalfields Regeneration Trust is committed to maintaining services in Bolsover District, and the potential to continue the nurse provision is being explored

Family Employment Initiative Archive


2011/12 Year End

Good progress has been made against the majority of targets with the number of unemployed people gaining employment being exceeded.

Clients have been encouraged to consider different types of jobs when seeking employment to improve their chances of gaining work and widening opportunities available to them. Clients’ awareness of their own transferable skills is an area for further intervention and advisors continue to emphasise this during one to one meetings and groups sessions. Regular meetings continue to take place with Jobcentre Plus to consider any gaps and possible packages of support that may be required in the future. Links between the two Jobcentre Plus partnership managers covering Chesterfield and Bolsover continue to strengthen and this has enabled a more planned approach when considering upcoming developments, job vacancies, local labour market trends and up skilling of clients.  Since November 2011, two FEI advisors have been attending the Bolsover C of E Junior School on a weekly basis and working in partnership with the Bolsover MAT team.  The Bolsover Job Surf continues to be successful. 

Due to the downsizing of East Midlands FEI, the team has reduced in size and three Community Employment Advisors now cover the Bolsover district.  The Coalfields Regeneration Trust are committed to maintaining services within Bolsover, however additional funding needs to be sought to maintain existing provision. 

The Community Nurse funded through the LSP’s WNF allocation has now ceased and funding/links with Clinical Commissioning Groups are being explored. 

2011/12 Quarter 3

Family Employment Initiative (FEI) continues to attend meetings with the Work Programme primes contractors.  A review and proposal for the future of FEI will be discussed with Bolsover District Council in Feb/Mar 2012.

Good progress is being made against targets.  The number of beneficiaries engaged in the programme is lower as more referrals are being made to the Work Progamme. However, because FEI now supports higher numbers on Job Seekers Allowance, it is easier to move these clients into employment, hence the jobs outcome target being on track.  The project has reported that good working relationships with Jobcentre Plus continues which has enabled a more planned approach when considering developments, job vacancies and the local labour market. The Bolsover work club continues to be very successful with many of the referrals coming from Jobcentre Plus.

Community Nurse

The Community Nurse strand of this project currently comes to an end in March 2012 so referrals have now ceased and the nurse is focusing her work on existing clients in the last quarter.  Discussions are taking place with health to establish what provision is needed in the future and a commissioning brief for other funding is currently being considered.

2011/12 Quarter 2

A review of priority groups has been undertaken to take account of Work Programme client groups. This review has resulted in the project now focusing support on Pre Work Programme clients who are claiming benefits. The introduction of the Jobcentre Plus Flexible Support Fund has meant that FEI’s Back to Work Fund is now not being utilised as much as before, due to it being a fund of last resort.

The project has reported that closer links have been established this quarter with Jobcentre Plus’s partnership manager in Bolsover with the aim of working more closely when considering the local labour market and up skilling of clients.

Both the Shirebrook and Bolsover Work Clubs have a good base of regular attendees averaging 8-15 clients with some registering with CVP for volunteering opportunities. In Creswell clients continue to access the Limestone House IT programme and the number of referrals from family/friends continues to increase.

Community Nurse

The Community Nurse has continued to work closely with the Disability Partnership over this quarter. Overall there has been a reduction in referrals received from the Jobcentre with the majority of referrals being clients who have mental health and/or musculoskeletal problems. Referrals from FEI staff have increased during Quarter 2.  There have been safeguarding issues with both children and adults during this quarter.

2011/12 Quarter 1

The main office moved to the Coalfield Regenerational Trust regional office at Markham Vale Environmental Centre on 1st July. An outreach base remains at Patchwork Row in Shirebrook and additional outreach bases have been sourced at Clowne College, Peartree Community House and the Adult Education Centre in Shirebrook. Coverage has also been expanded into Clowne North, Whitwell and Scarcliffe.

Two new work clubs have been set up in Shirebrook in Q1 with all Family Emplyment Initiatives (FEI) workclubs being branded FEI “job surfs”.  One work club has been set up at the Adult Education centre and runs every Wednesday morning with 12 clients in the 2nd week.  The 2nd work club is at Pear Tree Community House and runs every Thursday morning as part of the six month pilot “one stop shop” on the housing estate and this work club is being run jointly with Bolsover CVP and the Financial Inclusion project. The house is being used by many services  e.g. CVP,  Framework housing association, Safer neighbourhoods team, local constabulary, Youth workers, Children centres . It is co-ordinated by a Health Improvement worker who works for Bolsover Neighbourhoods team, NHS Derbyshire County. The work club at Bolsover Methodist Church every Tuesday from 11am-1pm continues to attract increasing numbers of clients and is regularly attended by about 8 -10 people each week with 14 people attending in June. This is due to the very informal setting, easy access and the support of both FEI advisors and the staff and volunteers at the church.  Support is available from two advisors with searching different internet sites, online applications, attaching a CV and general support around preparing for an interview. Also clients freely talk to each other about any vacancies they have seen (if they do not want to apply themselves), which encourages interaction and peer support.

Community FEI nurse

The nurse held 55 client appointments although numbers of referrals from JCP has dropped over the last few months.

FEI and the community nurse ran a stall at Shirebrook market and the nurse began to attend the Bolsover “Job surf “FEI work club in June. This has resulted in supporting two people at the workclub. The nurse continues to network to raise the profile of the service attending 9 multi-agency forums this quarter. The WNF commissioned Disability Partnership Project has provided an opportunity for the nurse to become involved in building the awareness of disability and link up with the lobbying to ensure future provision for disabled people in the area.

2010/11 Year End

The FEI has been instrumental over the last year in supporting people into employment, often providing the link across different initiatives within the district. During 2010/11 174 people gained employment against a target of 191 (92% of target achieved).  This is against a backdrop of a very difficult time for the Coalfields Regeneration Trust due to uncertainly over future funding as well as the current economic climate.

Although WNF support has now come to an end for the FEI team, additional funding through Bolsover District Council has been secured for a further year to March 2012.  This will allow the FEI team to align with the new Work Programme provision during this transitional period.

During 2010/11 approximately 130 clients were referred to the FEI Nurse. The majority of clients referred have complex needs and as such are a long way from the job market. The launch of the WNF commissioned Disability partnership project has provided an opportunity for the nurse to become involved in building the awareness of disability and link up with the lobbying to ensure future provision for disabled people in the Bolsover district. The Nurse will continue to be supported by WNF during 2011/12 with some additional funding secured through Healthy Bolsover.

2010/11 Quarter 3
The project has reported that staff sickness, bad weather and quiet period leading up to Christmas has impacted on outputs overall in Quarter 3.  The Work Club held at Bolsover Methodist church is proving to be very successful with an average attendance of between six and nine people. A work club in Shirebrook is currently being explored with the Financial Inclusion Manager.  The FEI Team has a Bolsver District Council Apprentice who is proving to be a real asset to the team.

Approx 130 clients have been referred to the community nurse since the project began. The majority of the clients have complex needs and as such are a long way from the job market.

NOCN level 2 employability awards are now being offered to clients and workshops are being organised for the New Year to support clients with portfolio building and to meet the learning hours required for the units.

2010/11 Quarter 2
The project manager has reported that the recession is making it increasingly challenging to move people into employment.  This, coupled with staff sickness and term time leave, has resulted in a waiting list for clients and outputs that are under target for Quarter 2.

A work club has been set up at Bolsover Methodist Church and will be available every Tuesday from 10am-2pm. Credit Union will also be based at the venue and links have been made to jointly promote the services to clients.  The Flexible New Deal provision that commenced October 2009 appears to be impacting upon Coalfields Regeneration Trust engagements and links have been made to clarify and formalise partnership arrangements.

The Community Nurse continues to see increasing numbers of referrals, particularly from Jobcentre Plus, with health problems predominantly relating to depression, anxiety and stress.
2010/11 Quarter 1
Outputs in Quarter 1 are slightly down against target and the project manager has reported that referrals continue to cause concern particularly in the Shirebrook area, although Creswell has seen an increase following the FEI Bolsover Extravaganza event in April.  Work is taking place across all areas through events, publicity, leaflets drops and partnership working to raise the profile of FEI. The Flexible New Deal provision that started up in October 2009 appears to be impacting upon Coalfields Regeneration Trust engagements and links are to be established with Flexible New Deal contract holders in Derbyshire. The Community Nurse has undertaken extensive networking and has been working closely with advisors with referrals increasing steadily.

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