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Pictured: Leader of the Council, Cllr Eion Watts; Senior Sports Development Officer, Jenny Carter; Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion, Cllr Ann Syrett; Laurisa Robson.
Inspiring sports stars and coaches for London 2012The London 2012 Organising Committee has awarded Bolsover Leadership and Coaching Academy the Inspire mark in recognition of its excellent community programme.The London 2012 Inspire programme recognises innovative and exceptional projects that are directly inspired by the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.The scheme provides a two tiered approach to raising the aspirations and skill base of local people across the district. Since it started in July 2010, it has been going from strength to strength.

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2011/12 Year End
  • Total of 40 16+ candidates registered on to the Academy, 39 of these are now active volunteers.
  • Total of 154 <16 leaders registered on to the Academy, 59 of these are now active volunteers.
  • Five generic coach education courses delivered to 45 people = 45 qualifications gained.
  • One Master Class delivered to 27 candidates.
  • 38 Industry (NGB) specific qualifications complete or underway – seven still to sign up.
  • Total of 125 people accessing volunteering opportunities –  64 new this quarter.
  • Total of 1662 voluntary hours for Year 2 – 634 delivered this quarter. Total hours Year 1 & 2 combined = 2122
  • Bespoke training delivered to x 3 secondary schools for 47 candidates.
  • Sport Relief Mile event organised by Bolsover District Council was supported by three volunteers from BLACA.

This project is funded through the PCT for a further six months but has been unable to secure ongoing funding at the current time.  The project lead will therefore be made redundant when the funding ceases and BDC staff will pick up the sustainable elements of the project i.e. maintaining the website etc.

2011/12 Quarter 3

Year two recruitment is complete and Year one training is completed. The training programme is underway with the majority of specific courses already started or booked. Volunteer placements and employment opportunity links continue to be developed.

Other achievements this quarter include:

  • London 2012 Inspire Mark achieved for the project.
  • New link developing with Premier Sport (a coaching company) to offer volunteer placements & future employment opportunities.
2011/12 Quarter 2

Summary of Activity:

  • Recruitment process complete for Year 2
  • Year 1 Graduation ceremony delivered for 33 people
  • Year 2 Induction Conference delivered to 20 people
  • 45 people have been recruited into the 16+ Coaching Academy and all individual training plans complete
  • 23 people recruited into the <16’s Leadership Academy
  • 2 generic coach education courses delivered to 32 people = 32 qualifications gained.
  • 20 people accessing volunteering opportunities
  • 112 voluntary hours delivered by Coaching Academy and7 hours delivered by Leadership Academy
  • CSLA course underway at Shirebrook Academy for 15 candidates
  • Generic Coach Education & Training programme commenced

2011/12 Quarter 1

Summary of activity:

  • 6 generic coach education courses delivered to 126 people = 126 qualifications gained
  • 2 Master Class sessions delivered to 47 people
  • Coachmark assessments complete for 15 people
  • 37 candidates (16+) remain on the Academy, candidates numbers will increase slightly in Year 2
  • 36 people undertaking volunteering
  • 11 leaders recruited, 103 now in total
  • 30 industry specific qualifications (16+) are complete, the other 7 are underway and will be complete at the end of July 2011
  • Level 1 in Sports Leadership award delivered to 12 students at Heritage High School = 12 qualifications gained
  • Women’s Get Set Go course complete. 16 candidates undertaking the award, with 12 gaining the qualification
  • Sportsability bespoke training course delivered across 4 secondary schools to 48 students
  • 15 applications for Year 2 received to date

2010/11 Year End

This project commenced in Quarter 3 and, despite a delayed start, has started to make good progress.  To date:

Over 16’s:

  • Conference delivered to 24 delegates.
  • 6 generic coach education courses were delivered to 113 people = 113 accredited qualifications gained.
  • 2 Master Class sessions delivered to 48 people.
  • 39 people registered with the Academy including 8 NEET’s
  • 38 training audits & inductions complete.
  • 35 candidates have volunteer placements established.
  • 343 hours have been logged by 28 candidates
  • 13 voluntary clubs/groups and 9 statutory bodies offering volunteer placements.
  • 30 industry specific qualifications have been booked, a further 6 are at application stage, with just 3 remaining to be confirmed

Under 16’s:

  • Bespoke FUNdamentals training delivered across 3 secondary schools to 57 young leaders.
  • SLUK (accredited qualification) ‘Women’s Get Set Go’ award underway at Shirebrook Academy for 16 female leaders.
  • 90 young leaders registered on the Academy across 4 secondary schools, including Stubbin Wood Special School. A meeting is scheduled with Bolsover School in April, to bring their young leaders into the project formally.
  • 71 hours have been logged by 9 candidates.
2010/11 Quarter 3
This project commenced in Quarter 3 and has made the following progress:
  • 49 candidates applied to be part of the project
  • 42 were offered a place in the Academy (agreement returns are awaited from the other candidates)
  • 22 inductions have been completed i.e. personal profile and training plans created
  • 4 community clubs are engaged to provide volunteering opportunities (to be formalised in Quarter 4)
  • Leadership Conference delivered to 80 young people from the district’s six secondary schools
  • 54 young people (schools based) have registered on the Academy website
  • Frederick Gent School has created a volunteer opportunity
  • 2 Leaders (under 16’s) have accessed volunteering opportunities
  • A total of 5 hours have been delivered by the Leaders (under 16’s)

Good progress overall is being made but a delay in the start date of the Project Coordinator and adverse weather conditions at the end of the Quarter has impacted on the timetable, resulting in some of the training running into 2011/12.

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