Final Evaluation DNCC commissioned the external interim and final evaluation of its Bolsover Employment and Enterprise Initiative Project in the summer of 2013. BEEI was a programme funded by ERDF and WNF with support from Bolsover District Council and DNCC in Bolsover District. This final evaluation report updates the considerations of the interim report, identifies examples of best practice, and incorporates a series of case studies. Final Evaluation.

Bolsover Employment & Training Initiative - Archive


2011/12 Year End

The BETI project officially ceased at the end of March 2012, however, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce has submitted an application to the ERDF which, if successful, will enable the Business Engagement activity of the project to continue.  It will also be complemented by pre-start business support for those interested in considering self employment.  The ERDF application is now well progressed and is expected to receive approval during May 2012.  The Council’s Core Worklessness Group has already given approval in principle to provide WNF match funding for the ERDF which will be formally ratified subject to ERDF approval.

The Training Co-ordinator has seen a reduction in referrals as the programme has come to its end and a process of referring clients to other support networks was offered to ensure a seamless transition. Working in partnership with the Family Employment Initiative, BETI has worked to develop and deliver an Employment and Training Event which ran on 5 March. The event was successfully delivered in Bolsover and was aimed at those looking for information and support with regards to finding sustainable employment, training or personal support. 

2011/12  Quarter 3

A very detailed progress report was provided this quarter and is available on request.  There remains a shortage of local skilled labour to fill a number of engineering vacancies. Engineering companies such as CNC Millers are having to re-advertise vacancies several times without success. Solutions to this are being explored. This includes a possible application to Flexible Support Fund to facilitate training for clients that may already be semi-skilled in this area of employment.

The Training Co-ordinator continues to work with Jobcentre Plus and Family Employment Initiative clients, offering 1:1 support and a number of these have accessed the suite of training courses developed by this project. Cross referral with CVP has continued to promote the benefits of volunteering. Free Retail Customer Service Training 7 December


2011/12  Quarter 2

Revisions to project targets were agreed by the Employment and Enterprise Action Group on 20 October to take account of how the project has evolved since its inception two years ago.

The Training Co-ordinator has established the role well and the number of self referrals has increased.  The Training Co-ordinator’s main base is now South Normanton since the Family Employment Initiative (FEI) moved their main operation to Markham Vale. Referrals for training support are still being received from the FEI Advisers and work continues with the Community Nurse ensuring there is access to support for all, including clients with mental illness, disabilities and learning difficulties.  The Training Co-ordinator has also been actively promoting the Sports Direct vacancies and has been assisting Blue Arrow and Jobcentre Plus to filter suitable clients with one BETI client securing a job to date.

The team continues to engage with a number of training providers which can offer the wide range of apprenticeship vacancies that BETI employers are interested in i.e. Equine Apprenticeships, Sales and Marketing Apprenticeships etc.  Some of these providers have also been used to deliver some of the qualification courses for the BETI Training offer i.e. Food Hygiene, First Aid, Health and Safety. 

Training Schedule September-November

2011/12  Quarter 1
Employer Engagement impacts in Quarter 1:
  • Cumulative number of potential vacancies supported = 55
  • Current number live vacancies = 25
  • Cumulative filled vacancies = 20
  • Number of Employer Records collated on database = 1015
  • Number of applicants managed on behalf of clients = 230

Training Co-ordinator impacts:

  • Cumulative number of clients supported = 186
  • Cumulative number of clients securing employment = 40 (including 16 Family Employment Initiative clients that have been intensively supported by BETI and claimed through the FEI contract).
  • Cumulative number of Gateways delivered = 11

Jane Conneely left the Chamber on 24 May and the Training Co-ordinator post has been filled by Claire Munden who joined the team prior to Jane’s departure.

2010/11 Year End

It has been agreed that the project targets need to be re-profiled to take account of a number of factors including more intensive support e.g.:

  • many of the clients are referred from the Family Employment Initiative and cannot therefore be counted as outputs even though the BETI team have provided intensive support
  • more intensive support than originally intended is being provided to businesses

Proposed outputs will be benchmarked against similar activity to ensure value for money is achieved.  In addition to the initial pre-determined outputs, the following has been achieved in 2010/11:

  • Number of potential vacancies supported = 52 (an average of 2.9 vacancies per organisation)
  • Number out of area not claimed but in the 52 vacancies supported = 7, of which 1 is filled and 6 are live (these are in areas that may attract Bolsover residents)
  • Number of Employer Records collated on database = 905
  • Cumulative number of clients securing employment = 35

Two Health and Social Care gateways were delivered in Quarter 4 attracting 20 clients in total, 19 achieved the certificates.

BETI continues to support employers and the community throughout Bolsover
Introduction to Care Gateway
BETI Newsletter - March 2011

2010/11 Quarter 3
Ian Bates, Business Engagement Officer joined the team on 13 October 2010 and has supported six new businesses in Quarter 3 resulting in the potential to fill 10 vacancies in the next quarter.  BETI services have moved from the SNaP office and are now being delivered in the Cyber Cafe in South Normanton every Tuesday from 10:00 to 15:00.  The number of clients using this centre is gradually increasing and 12 new clients have been recruited this quarter.  In order to extend the delivery boundary new outreach locations will continue to be identified.

The Training Co-ordinator has worked with 47 new clients this quarter including seven NEET clients.  Training includes college courses, confidence courses, interview preparation and one-to-one coaching.  A total of 107 clients have received training to date and 27 have secured a job.  This includes 12 Family Employment Initiative (FEI) clients that have been claimed through the FEI contract.

2010/11 Quarter 2
During Quarter 2, 59 people received training with a total of 15 unemployed people securing employment to date.  The BETI services are also now being delivered from the SNAP office in South Normanton.

A recruitment campaign on behalf of Derbyshire County Council was launched in order to recruit 12 cleaners and a caretaker at The Hub.  This resulted in 12 new clients accessing intensive support and 9 securing interviews; six went on to be offered positions (five will start work in November and one person declined).

A total of two gateway pre-employment training courses were delivered in Quarter 2; a ‘Confidence Building’ course delivered in Creswell at the request of the Family Employment Initiative and an ‘Interview Preparation’ course delivered in South Normanton to support The Hub candidates.

2010/11 Quarter 1
The project is starting to gain momentum and has reported the following outputs during Quarter 1:
  • 4 people gaining employment (one of these candidates had learning disabilities and was given substantial support with job application coaching)
  • 3 businesses assisted to improve performance
  • 13 employees benefiting from training
  • 1 pre-employment training programme in confidence building
  • 2 people were supported to remain in employment

Initially the project was designed to link job vacancies within the district and surrounding areas with Family Employment Initiative (FEI) clients.  The remit of this has now been extended so that the BETI project is not reliant on referrals from FEI and as a result has been receiving referrals for clients from a broader range of agencies for example Phoenix Enterprises, Chamber Training and Jobcentre Plus.


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