Final Evaluation DNCC commissioned the external interim and final evaluation of its Bolsover Employment and Enterprise Initiative Project in the summer of 2013. BEEI was a programme funded by ERDF and WNF with support from Bolsover District Council and DNCC in Bolsover District. This final evaluation report updates the considerations of the interim report, identifies examples of best practice, and incorporates a series of case studies. Final Evaluation.

Employment Training Initiative Main

Bolsover Employment & Training Initiative


About the project...

The aim of the Bolsover Employment and Training Initiative (BETI) was to respond to the needs of local employers and inward investors, by matching their recruitment requirements with the skills of local people.  The project also identified training opportunities and provided support for local unemployed people.

This was delivered by two project officers:

  • Training Co-ordinator – responded to the needs of local, unemployed people by co-ordinating and brokering relevant training. Job ready clients were then referred to the:
  • Business Engagement Officer – who worked with inward investors and indigenous businesses to increase opportunities for Bolsover residents to access employment opportunities.
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Bolsover Employment & Training Initiative - Contacts


Project Manager

Training Coordinator  Business Engagement Officer

Diane Simpson
Chamber of Commerce 
Commerce Centre
Canal Wharf
S41 7NA
Tel: 01246 207207
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Claire Munden
Chamber of Commerce
Commerce Centre
Canal Wharf
S41 7NA
Tel: 07971 335013
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Ian Bates
Chamber of Commerce
Commerce Centre
Canal Wharf
S41 7NA
Tel: 07973 251409

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Open pdf documentBETI Training Leaflet 
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Bolsover Employment & Training Initiative - Case Studies


J has spent most of her career within the care industry as well as some time working within warehousing and catering, however, she had decided that she wanted to get back into working within the care sector. J does not drive and ideally preferred to work close to home.

An initial meeting was held where J’s CV was developed and sent out with a letter to possible vacancies. Following this there was a further meeting with J for a review and we jointly applied for jobs. We developed a weekly job search and access to email.

Further support that was given included:

  • Food Safety, First Aid and Health & Safety course being held at Limestone House. J attended the Food Safety course and received her qualification.  
  • CV and Covering Letter out to 3 Care homes in Clowne

J was invited for an interview at Haddon House and was offered the job in February.  It was clear that J was a highly motivated individual with a passion to ensure her work was always delivered to the highest of standards and always took pride in providing an excellent service to customer.  J was very motivated but just needed additional support to find and apply for some of the vacancies that were available. The support with confidence building, presentation, interview and CV writing all came together to help J back into sustained employment.


L (unemployed since 29.01.11) has spent most of her career within the catering industry, having initially started out serving an Apprenticeship with Nottinghamshire County Council, achieving  City & Guilds 706/1 & 706/2. During her career to date she has managed 4 kitchens and 32 staff across those kitchens, which included the management, supervision and training of the staff to meet high standards within each area of her supervision and management.

It was clear that L was a highly motivated individual with a passion to ensure her work is always delivered to the highest of standards and always took pride in providing an excellent service to the customer.  L was very motivated but just needed some additional support to find and apply for vacancies that were available.

Support provided:

  • Initial meeting with L and CV development.
  • A weekly job search was undertaken and provided access to email
  • Support with completing and submitting applications
  • Job applications to Cambian Health Care, Breedon House, Morrisons and Asda Supermarkets were submitted.  L was invited for an open day at Morrison’s.
  • Interview at Sycamore & Poplars Care Centre at Worksop,
  • Interview at Morrison’s
  • Has been offered the job as Canteen Supervisor at Morrison!

The support with confidence building, presentation, interview and CV writing all came together to support L back into sustained employment. 



A Bolsover-based company has been helped to fill six vacancies over an eight month period through a programme running in Bolsover that is designed to support the recruitment needs of local businesses and help long-term unemployed residents of the area find work.

David Clarke, Managing Director of Autosupplies Limited, approached Ian Bates who is the Business Engagement Officer of the Bolsover Employment and Training Initiative (BETI) for assistance in filling a number of vacancies at his firm.

"We sought the help of the BETI Team" said David, "because we wanted to look at our application process and increase the calibre and number of applicants, as well as reducing the amount of money we were spending on advertising job vacancies.

"The BETI Team has supported us across a number of vacancies during the last few months; their knowledge of the apprenticeship matching system (AVOL) has been particularly helpful in meeting our apprenticeship needs."

Ian commented, "We met with David and his team at Autosupplies to discuss their needs and helped David fill a Sales Representative Role earlier this year by working with them to create new job descriptions, person specification and application forms. We were able to promote the vacancy through our networks to increase the number of applicants.

"A Trade Counter Apprentice was promoted through our interagency network and we liaised with Training Provider Babcock Training to provide the apprentice framework. We have also helped David find a Van Driver, an additional Trade Counter Apprentice, a new Parts Person and a Warehouse Operative vacancy," added Ian.



Christine was a graduate in Travel & Tourism but had been unable to find work. She had previously done a lot of research into various airlines and had discovered that the industry was very difficult to enter, even at lower levels. Christine had sent off several job application forms without any success.

The Training Coordinator supported Christine on a 1-1 basis, at first Christine needed to realise what type of position in the industry she would be applying for, she decided on Holiday Rep/Customer service Rep. BETI contacted East Midlands Aiport (EMA) to get Christine on the job vacancy update list. Christine worked with BETI to develop her CV and this was then also forwarded to EMA. Christine was invited for an interview and she undertook some interview preparation support with BETI. In the meantime Christine also applied to Wheels to Work for a moped in which she was successful; this enabled her to get to EMA for her interview day. Unfortunately Christine was unsuccessful and her confidenced was slightly knocked, she spent hours with the training coordinator building her knowledge of the industry/employers and various job roles. The Training Coordinator sourced a Cabin Crew Course at Manchester Aiport and booked Christine onto it (BETI funded Christine's travel and the course).

Christine attended the course and came back with a totally different view on the roles she would be applying for. She explained that the course had given her the opportunity to talk to others who had been in the industry for a while. Christine realised that she wasn't interested in cabin crew work but definately interested in doing a Holiday Rep role to begin with.

Together with the Training Coordinator they started to job search through various routes. Christine was sent an application form from the Olympic Airways. She spent several days with the Training Coordinator researching the company and completing the application form. Christine continued with the 1-1 support for interview prep and confidence building whilst researching the areas/countries that Olympic Airways travel to.

Christine was invited for interview in London in April 2011; she was very prepared with notes of her research and information gained from others she went on the cabin crew course with. She also ensured her image was suitable for the day, to show she could represent the company in a smart and professional way. Christine was successful and has been invited to take up in a position in Rhodes in only a few weeks time. She is very happy that she now has a job she knows she will be able to enjoy and hopefully her Travel & Tourism career. 



Roger Mosley

A Bolsover man has successfully found employment with the help of an innovative project run by Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber.

Roger Mosely had been working for a global construction management company when he was made redundant at the end of March 2011. After looking in the local area for several months he realised he wouldn’t get a job exactly like the one he had just left, but found there were opportunities for construction contractors – an area he had worked in several years ago.

Looking more closely at the job requirements for this role, he discovered that the industry now demanded satisfactory completion of the CITB SMSTS (Site Managers Safety Training Scheme) and he knew he would have to get this qualification if a prospective employer was going to take him on.

But the week-long course, with an exam at the end, cost several hundred pounds – an amount that was difficult to find given his present circumstances.

Jobcentre Plus referred him to the Bolsover Employment and Training Initiative (BETI), which was able to support him with funding for the course. Once armed with his new qualification, Roger went on to secure employment.

I was extremely fortunate to be referred to BETI,"

"The response time and support from Claire Munden, BETI’s Training Coordinator was crucial because if I had not been able to go on the course the position would have gone elsewhere."

"Thanks to Claire’s timely help through BETI I am now working in a project management position with the University Partnership Programme (Nottingham), as this project provided exactly the right kind of help that I needed in order to be able to get back into work." said Roger.

Claire said, "We can help unemployed residents of Bolsover with a range of support, including updating and rewriting CVs, job search and vacancy matching, and confidence building. We also have some funding to support training that is necessary for an individual to secure a job, and we look at this on a case-by-case basis."


Victory Design

A Clowne-based sign-making company is one of the first firms to have benefited from the help of an innovative project aimed at supporting businesses with their recruitment needs and helping the long-term unemployed in Bolsover find new and sustainable jobs.

Victory Design, based in Creswell Road, approached the Bolsover Employment and Enterprise Initiative (BETI) for assistance in recruiting a number of new sales and business development staff to help it expand.

It also received support to recruit and train two new apprentices to fill marketing and production roles.

Justin Hines, Sales Director of Victory Design, said: "The support we have got from the BETI team has been fantastic. We were having issues with advertising the vacancies we had via some of the more traditional methods and also attracting the right calibre of candidate for the roles we had available.

Business Engagement Officer Ian Bates added: "The project’s success in helping Victory Design to find eight candidates for jobs is a clear demonstration of how BETI can support business along with reducing the time and costs involved in the recruitment process consequently allowing them to focus on their day-to-day tasks.

Ian Bates added: "This is an innovative programme that will help both businesses and the long term unemployed. It will not only equip people with the skills they need to find work, but the training we’re providing will also benefit the firms that take them on. We’ll be actively targeting businesses which are re-locating to the area as well as helping existing companies to recruit suitable staff."

"The main aim of the project is to provide local residents with short, job-focused skills training courses and improving soft skills such as confidence building in order to support personal growth, whilst helping new and existing businesses in their recruitment process."

"We have recruited for seven new positions plus a re-advertisement via the BETI project and thanks to the support it has given us, we have received larger number of possible applicants to choose from, and fewer unsuitable candidates applying for roles, which saves a lot of time.

"The BETI team also made us aware of the fully-funded adult apprenticeship programme at Chesterfield College, which has enabled us to access free training to increase the skills of our current workforce."


A Star Leisure

A Markham Vale leisure company has scored a goal by teaming up with an innovative programme run by Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber.

A Star Leisure runs a number of ventures under this and its Premier sports banner, but focuses as its core business on providing after-school activities and 5 a-side teams. Included in their business portfolio is a commercial and domestic cleaning service, and there are plans to branch out in the future into high-end airport transfers.

Daniel Harris, Group Managing Director at the company, approached the Bolsover Employment and Training Initiative (BETI) Team for support in finding suitable candidates for a Multisports Coach and cleaner roles.

Daniel said, "I am away from the office for long periods of time, so I don't have as much time to spend on the recruitment process as I would like. This is where the help I have received from the BETI Team has been unvaluable in helping me move my business forward."


Ian Bats, Business Engagement Officer for BETI said, "We developed the job description, person specification and an application form for A Star Leisure's two roles, as well as managing the application process on behalf of the company. Both roles were satisfactory filled by April 2011.

"We were also able to assist in sourcing 'bank' staff for the Multisports roles. We referred one candidate, who didn't have the required qualifications, to BETI's training coordinator for support."

Daniel added, "I shall keep in touch with the BETI Team as they have provided a great deal of assistance to my business over the last few months. Getting the right calibre of employee is important to any business to enable it to offer the highest level of service and to grow; the BETI Team has provided an extra pair of helping hands to get this important function right for my company."



Peter was first referred to the BETI Training Co-ordinator in September 2010 by Jobcentre Plus.  He had been out of work for over six months and was keen to find a job as an Administrator.  He had received an application form to complete for a potential Future Jobs Fund vacancy and was extremely nervous and lacked confidence.  Peter worked with the BETI Training Co-ordinator and took part in three hours of intense support where he went through the benefits of a good CV and a thorough application form and then felt confident to complete the application forms himself.

Peter was invited to interview at Disability Nottinghamshire in Mansfield and then participated in some interview preparation training on a one-to-one basis with the Training Co-ordinator.  Peter was successful at interview and started work on 1 November 2010.  He contacted the Training Co-ordinator to thank her for the support and encouragement.



Alison was first referred to the Family Employment Initiative (FEI) in June 2010; she had been made redundant twice in the past which had severely knocked her confidence. Alison’s FEI Advisor carried out CV development and job search activities with her and also organised for her to meet with the BETI Training Co-ordinator to access more intensive one-to-one support in order to build up her confidence and to complete sector specific job searches. She was keen to work in the Work Based Learning sector.

Following the delivery of intensive one-to-one confidence building the Training Co-ordinator contacted several training providers for advice and to discuss possible job vacancies, and Alison’s CV was redeveloped and circulated to potential employers. A vacancy was identified in Alison’s chosen sector and the Training Co-ordinator helped her to complete and submit the application form.  Alison was shortlisted and invited to interview and received follow on support through the Training Co-ordinator to prepare for the interview. 

Alison was successful in gaining the job with a local training provider delivering NVQ’s and is very happy in her new role.  Not only that, she is also continuing to develop her skills and knowledge further within her chosen sector.

“Thank you for the support you have provided which was great as you all do a sterling job at the centre and I am very impressed with the work you do... it’s worrying and nerve racking trying to find a job and I thought it would get easier as one gets older but it’s not the case... thank you again for helping me get a job”



John was first referred to the Family Employment Initiative (FEI) on 22 April 2009; he had been made redundant after many years working in a nightclub.  John’s FEI Adviser carried out CV development and job search activities with him.

John was referred to BETI on 26 March 2010.  It was identified that John would need more intensive one-to-one support as he had his mind set on doing a job that was ambitious and challenging; he wanted to become an undersea welder for oil rigs.

As John had no welding or diving experience, the BETI Training Co-ordinator and John visited West Notts College to discuss what options there were for welding training.  Advice was given that the kind of welding work that John was interested in was usually undertaken by former servicemen who had many years of experience behind them.

The BETI Training Co-ordinator discussed the consequences of not being more open-minded about his choice in jobs e.g. long term unemployment leading to financial difficulty.

John subsequently started to accept the idea of having several job options and he began participating in job search and contacting employers himself.  John has since been in contact to inform us that he is now in permanent employment as a result of his diversification in searching for employment.


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Bolsover Employment & Training Initiative - Outputs

It has been agreed that the project targets need to be re-profiled to take account of a number of factors including more intensive support e.g.:

  • many of the clients are referred from the Family Employment Initiative and cannot therefore be counted as outputs even though the BETI team have provided intensive support
  • more intensive support than originally intended is being provided to businesses


Outputs 08/09

Unemployed people gaining employment

19 27 46

16-18 year olds going into education, training or employment (that were previously NEET)

13 2 15
Adults with learning difficulties moving into employment 2 0 2

Jobs created

2 0 2
Businesses assissted to improve performance 18 38 56
People benefiting from training 151 141 292
Pre-employment gateway training courses 3 7 10
People supported to remain in employment 9 6 15
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Bolsover Employment & Training Initiative - Archive


2011/12 Year End

The BETI project officially ceased at the end of March 2012, however, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce has submitted an application to the ERDF which, if successful, will enable the Business Engagement activity of the project to continue.  It will also be complemented by pre-start business support for those interested in considering self employment.  The ERDF application is now well progressed and is expected to receive approval during May 2012.  The Council’s Core Worklessness Group has already given approval in principle to provide WNF match funding for the ERDF which will be formally ratified subject to ERDF approval.

The Training Co-ordinator has seen a reduction in referrals as the programme has come to its end and a process of referring clients to other support networks was offered to ensure a seamless transition. Working in partnership with the Family Employment Initiative, BETI has worked to develop and deliver an Employment and Training Event which ran on 5 March. The event was successfully delivered in Bolsover and was aimed at those looking for information and support with regards to finding sustainable employment, training or personal support. 

2011/12  Quarter 3

A very detailed progress report was provided this quarter and is available on request.  There remains a shortage of local skilled labour to fill a number of engineering vacancies. Engineering companies such as CNC Millers are having to re-advertise vacancies several times without success. Solutions to this are being explored. This includes a possible application to Flexible Support Fund to facilitate training for clients that may already be semi-skilled in this area of employment.

The Training Co-ordinator continues to work with Jobcentre Plus and Family Employment Initiative clients, offering 1:1 support and a number of these have accessed the suite of training courses developed by this project. Cross referral with CVP has continued to promote the benefits of volunteering. Free Retail Customer Service Training 7 December


2011/12  Quarter 2

Revisions to project targets were agreed by the Employment and Enterprise Action Group on 20 October to take account of how the project has evolved since its inception two years ago.

The Training Co-ordinator has established the role well and the number of self referrals has increased.  The Training Co-ordinator’s main base is now South Normanton since the Family Employment Initiative (FEI) moved their main operation to Markham Vale. Referrals for training support are still being received from the FEI Advisers and work continues with the Community Nurse ensuring there is access to support for all, including clients with mental illness, disabilities and learning difficulties.  The Training Co-ordinator has also been actively promoting the Sports Direct vacancies and has been assisting Blue Arrow and Jobcentre Plus to filter suitable clients with one BETI client securing a job to date.

The team continues to engage with a number of training providers which can offer the wide range of apprenticeship vacancies that BETI employers are interested in i.e. Equine Apprenticeships, Sales and Marketing Apprenticeships etc.  Some of these providers have also been used to deliver some of the qualification courses for the BETI Training offer i.e. Food Hygiene, First Aid, Health and Safety. 

Training Schedule September-November

2011/12  Quarter 1
Employer Engagement impacts in Quarter 1:
  • Cumulative number of potential vacancies supported = 55
  • Current number live vacancies = 25
  • Cumulative filled vacancies = 20
  • Number of Employer Records collated on database = 1015
  • Number of applicants managed on behalf of clients = 230

Training Co-ordinator impacts:

  • Cumulative number of clients supported = 186
  • Cumulative number of clients securing employment = 40 (including 16 Family Employment Initiative clients that have been intensively supported by BETI and claimed through the FEI contract).
  • Cumulative number of Gateways delivered = 11

Jane Conneely left the Chamber on 24 May and the Training Co-ordinator post has been filled by Claire Munden who joined the team prior to Jane’s departure.

2010/11 Year End

It has been agreed that the project targets need to be re-profiled to take account of a number of factors including more intensive support e.g.:

  • many of the clients are referred from the Family Employment Initiative and cannot therefore be counted as outputs even though the BETI team have provided intensive support
  • more intensive support than originally intended is being provided to businesses

Proposed outputs will be benchmarked against similar activity to ensure value for money is achieved.  In addition to the initial pre-determined outputs, the following has been achieved in 2010/11:

  • Number of potential vacancies supported = 52 (an average of 2.9 vacancies per organisation)
  • Number out of area not claimed but in the 52 vacancies supported = 7, of which 1 is filled and 6 are live (these are in areas that may attract Bolsover residents)
  • Number of Employer Records collated on database = 905
  • Cumulative number of clients securing employment = 35

Two Health and Social Care gateways were delivered in Quarter 4 attracting 20 clients in total, 19 achieved the certificates.

BETI continues to support employers and the community throughout Bolsover
Introduction to Care Gateway
BETI Newsletter - March 2011

2010/11 Quarter 3
Ian Bates, Business Engagement Officer joined the team on 13 October 2010 and has supported six new businesses in Quarter 3 resulting in the potential to fill 10 vacancies in the next quarter.  BETI services have moved from the SNaP office and are now being delivered in the Cyber Cafe in South Normanton every Tuesday from 10:00 to 15:00.  The number of clients using this centre is gradually increasing and 12 new clients have been recruited this quarter.  In order to extend the delivery boundary new outreach locations will continue to be identified.

The Training Co-ordinator has worked with 47 new clients this quarter including seven NEET clients.  Training includes college courses, confidence courses, interview preparation and one-to-one coaching.  A total of 107 clients have received training to date and 27 have secured a job.  This includes 12 Family Employment Initiative (FEI) clients that have been claimed through the FEI contract.

2010/11 Quarter 2
During Quarter 2, 59 people received training with a total of 15 unemployed people securing employment to date.  The BETI services are also now being delivered from the SNAP office in South Normanton.

A recruitment campaign on behalf of Derbyshire County Council was launched in order to recruit 12 cleaners and a caretaker at The Hub.  This resulted in 12 new clients accessing intensive support and 9 securing interviews; six went on to be offered positions (five will start work in November and one person declined).

A total of two gateway pre-employment training courses were delivered in Quarter 2; a ‘Confidence Building’ course delivered in Creswell at the request of the Family Employment Initiative and an ‘Interview Preparation’ course delivered in South Normanton to support The Hub candidates.

2010/11 Quarter 1
The project is starting to gain momentum and has reported the following outputs during Quarter 1:
  • 4 people gaining employment (one of these candidates had learning disabilities and was given substantial support with job application coaching)
  • 3 businesses assisted to improve performance
  • 13 employees benefiting from training
  • 1 pre-employment training programme in confidence building
  • 2 people were supported to remain in employment

Initially the project was designed to link job vacancies within the district and surrounding areas with Family Employment Initiative (FEI) clients.  The remit of this has now been extended so that the BETI project is not reliant on referrals from FEI and as a result has been receiving referrals for clients from a broader range of agencies for example Phoenix Enterprises, Chamber Training and Jobcentre Plus.

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Meetings and Events

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