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Stars in the making

With 15 apprenticeships created within Bolsover District Council for 16-18 year olds, and over 90 apprenticeships with a wide range of public and community and voluntary sector organisations, this programme was a HUGE success.

Several brave apprentices agreed to step into the limelight and share their stories. View the short film below to hear from them and their supervisors.

Ways to Work


About the project...

Ways to Work is a cross-cutting transport project where many elements of transport provision are brought together to remove transport as a barrier to work and training.  It aims to provide transport opportunities, and/or easy to understand information on available transport options.  This enhances existing Wheels to Work provision in Bolsover, through the provision of additional services including push bike and electric bike loan, taxi/bus vouchers, subsidised driving lessons, personalised travel planning and better access to information about transport.