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Ways to Work is a cross-cutting transport project where many elements of transport provision are brought together to remove transport as a barrier to work and training.  It aims to provide transport opportunities, and/or easy to understand information on available transport options.  This enhances existing Wheels to Work provision in Bolsover, through the provision of additional services including push bike and electric bike loan, taxi/bus vouchers, subsidised driving lessons, personalised travel planning and better access to information about transport. 

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Ways to Work - Contacts


Project Manager

Sandie Abberley
Wheels to Work & Accessibility Manager
Rural Action Derbyshire
Church Street
Tel: 01629 821923

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Ways to Work Final Evaluation Report 2009-2012
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Ways to Work - Case Studies

Some names have been changed to protect identities.


Daniel Stupple 

Daniel Stupple from Creswell applied for moped loan back in 2011 when working for Explore Manufacturing at Steetly, near Worksop.  This position unfortunately didn’t work out for Daniel, and in January 2012 he asked Ways to Work to fund his train travel to a training course at North Notts College.  Daniel successfully completed the training course, and was subsequently offered a full-time position working for Coopers Air-craft in February 2012. 

Daniel’s Managing Director at Coopers emailed the project to verify that Daniel had been offered a position, but was going to struggle to get to his morning shift on time without his own independent transport.  We were happy to help Daniel again, this time with a moped loan so that he could take the job, knowing that he could work all the hours required of him.

Daniel said how grateful he is for all the help Ways to Work has given him, and he hopes we can help him again when he comes to the end of his scooter loan, as he would like to borrow money from 2 Shires Credit Union to buy his own moped.  We will arrange this for him so that he can sustain his employment without the worry of how he will get there and back.


Joshua Moffatt

Joshua applied for a moped in September 2011 so that he could get to his College course at West Notts College in Mansfield.  Appropriately enough, Joshua had enrolled on a Level 1 Diploma in Vehicle Technology.  His application was successful, and Joshua took delivery of the moped in early October.  Before the moped loan, Joshua had to travel from his home in Tibshelf by bus to Huthwaite, then another bus to Mansfield, then a final bus from Mansfield bus station to the College campus.  Of course, all these bus journeys had to be reversed on the way home again.

A phone call from the Ways to Work team to Joshua’s tutor verified that it was really difficult for Joshua to get to College on time using public transport, and he was pleased to hear how the project was going to help Joshua.

Joshua’s mum has said that he is really enjoying the course and especially the independence the moped has given him.  She has said that once the loan comes to an end, Joshua will want to buy the moped from the project so that he can progress to the next level of his studies, knowing he can still get to College.  In order to do this, Joshua hopes to join the Credit Union, with the support of the Ways to Work team.  Buying the moped will then be possible for him with a loan from the Credit Union in a few month’s time.


Jason Downs from Shirebrook

Jason was first referred to the project in August 2010 when he was an employee at Shaw Trust, based in Chesterfield and received help with his travel to his work placements as a gardener.  Almost a year later, Jason approached the project again, as his work had taken a change of direction and he had secured a job at the Hotel Van Dyke in Clowne. 

Living in Shirebrook, it wasn’t going to be easy for Jason to get home after his late shifts, and sometimes he would have 2 shifts in one day.  Moped loan would make Jason much more flexible and this would mean more reliable.  This has proved the case - Jason took delivery of a brand new Peugeot 50cc moped in July, and subsequently has been offered more shifts to cover for a colleague who hasn’t been well. 

Jason has been busy with weddings at weekends and says he will be busy now with more weddings booked for this autumn, and then extra busy with Christmas festivities.  Jason said, ‘It’s loads better than being on benefits’.  He likes being busy at work and enjoys his job.

Jason is also our first Ways to Work client to become a member of 2 Shires Credit Union.  We are offering our moped loan clients the chance to save with the Credit Union whilst they are on the scheme, so that at the end of the 6 month moped loan contract they have some savings, and will then be eligible for a loan from the Credit Union enabling clients to buy their own moped if they wish. 

This new dimension to the Ways to Work project will be brilliant for those on low wages who would normally find it difficult to save (the projects puts £5 of the £20 moped loan payment into their CU savings account).  There are 2 Shires Credit Union collection points in community venues across Bolsover district, including Shirebrook, and so Jason will be able to add to his savings whenever he wishes, but he won’t be able to draw any of his money out until his moped loan ends.

It is good to know that Jason is now mobile, working, and has savings ready to become truly independent once his moped loan period ends in February 2012.


Gareth Fowkes from Langwith

Gareth was made redundant in 2010.  He was desperate to find work again as quickly as possible, but when he was offered a job in Newark in January, he was worried about finding the money to get there, as he would not receive his first salary payment until seven weeks after starting. 

Gareth heard about Ways to Work Bolsover from his advisor at the Jobcentre, and was really thrilled when he heard we could help with a rail season ticket for him to get all the way through to Newark. 

The Project Manager met with Gareth at Mansfield Station in March to top up the season ticket, as he was still waiting for his first pay day.  It was great to see him as when asked how his new job was going, he said ‘I love it – it’s great!’

Gareth takes his bike with him on the train so that he can get to his work on time, and although the travelling makes the days long, he is really happy with his new life.  Gareth said that if he had not been able to get help with his travel expenses through Ways to Work Bolsover, he would have had to turn the job down as there was no way he could have funded the train journeys during the first couple of months.


Ben at Hardwick

Ben was referred to the project when he joined the Apprenticeship Programme hosted by Bolsover District Council.  He was offered a placement at Hardwick Hall as an apprentice Countryside Ranger and Warden.  Ben was really keen to accept the placement but was unable to get there.  There was no public transport to get him to work on time, or home at the end of the day, and so Ben feared he may have to turn the opportunity down.  Ben heard that Ways to Work Bolsover was able to offer him a moped loan for six months as part of the Wheels to Work Derbyshire scheme, and so he applied and was accepted because of the rural location of his work placement. 

Ben was sent a voucher to take his Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) for motorcycles, which he did at Triskelion Motorcycle Training in Hollingwood.  He passed this with no problems, and his moped was delivered to him a couple of days before his job was due to start in October 2010. 

Ben will shortly take his CBT Plus, an extra half day training to make sure he is looking after the moped and riding it safely.  This extra training is something that was introduced to everyone loaning a moped through Wheels to Work Derbyshire, in collaboration with Derbyshire County Council’s Road Safety Team.  Derbyshire County Council have since rolled the CBT Plus out to all new riders, and it was recently reported that motorcycle injuries and deaths on Derbyshire roads decreased last year, so the project is proud to have been part of this safety initiative.

Ben has said that without the moped he would never have been able to get to Hardwick Hall to do his training, and that the moped loan has also saved his relationship as he no longer has to rely on his girlfriend for lifts everywhere!



 Sandie Abberley, Project Manager for Ways to Work, attended three information sessions with the Raising Aspirations adult groups at Clowne, Shirebrook and Bolsover.  At these sessions Sandie explained about the help that Bolsover district residents could get with their travel through the Ways to Work project, when attending training or work placements. 

Following the session in Bolsover, 'Melissa' contacted Sandie, and was able to receive help with taxing her car, and with fuel costs, so that she could get to the Raising Aspirations sessions.  'Melissa' has a disability, and so is reliant on her car to get about, and would have struggled to afford to keep the vehicle on the road without the initial help of Ways to Work.  'Melissa' finished the Raising Aspirations course in August 2010, which she enjoyed very much, and is now looking for more training to build her confidence and also to enhance her CV, so that she will hopefully then be ready to fully enter the job market again.


Jason Stone from Bolsover

Jason Stone, 25 years old from Bolsover, applied to Ways to Work Bolsover in May.  He is training with Groundwork Creswell and was interested in having a push bike through the project.

Sandie, the Project Manager, met Jason in Bolsover to complete the necessary paperwork, and delivered a push bike to him there and then.  The bike was fitted with lights and a pump, and Jason also had a lock for the bike and a safety helmet to wear.  He is paying £5 per week over a six month period and the bike is his to keep.

Jason now has a work placement at Clowne Concrete Products on Barlborough Road and uses his bike to get there and back.  His bike means he is flexible to travel to sites over the district for his construction training and he enjoys being independently mobile as well as improving his fitness.


Joanne Haywood from South NormantonJoanne Haywood

Joanne achieved a place on the Bolsover Apprenticeship Programme, working in the Leisure Services department. Joanne lives in South Normanton and the Apprenticeship means she is based across the county at different leisure centres. There are no suitable buses running at the times she needs to get to work, so Ways to Work has been able to help Joanne by supporting her with the cost of getting to work. Specifically, the client allowance of £200 has been used to contribute to fuel costs for Joanne’s father to drive Joanne to and from work enabling her to work early morning, late evening and weekend shifts.


Deborah Wynne from BolsoverDebra Wynne

Deborah Wynne, a 47 year old living in Bolsover, had received support from the Family Employment Initiative which resulted in her securing a job with a Care Home. However transportation was proving to be a barrier as she needed to get to work at different times of the day and night.  With the help of the Family Employment Initiative, Debra contacted the Ways to Work project which was able to help initially with the loan of a scooter. 

The project has since been able to help Debra take that next step in independent travel and into a new job by assisting her through subsidised driving lessons. Derbra’s new job, working for a Barlborough based company providing house-to-house healthcare visits, requires travel as far as Buxton and, potentially, the Newark area. Debra will initially begin in the local area but having a driving licence will enable her to take on work beyond the Bolsover area, making her job more feasible.

“It’s been absolutely brilliant for me and has meant I’ve been able to take on work that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to. Plus it’s a job I love. The recent bad weather has made me realise just how far away I work from home and how much easier, and more reliable, it is with my own transport.”


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Ways to Work - Outputs


Outputs 08/09
12/13 Forecast Total

Unemployed people gaining employment

  87 197 95 76 455

16-18 year olds going into education, training or employment (that were previously NEET)

  5 10 13 4 32

Businesses assisted to improve performance

  11 38 27   76

Employees benefiting from training

  34 103 81   218
Transport initiatives to reduce barriers to accessing employment or training   5 5 1   11
Care leavers moving into employment, education or training   2 1 0   3
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Ways to Work - archives


2011/12 Year End

The project has continued to perform well during 2011/12 with the majority of targets being exceeded.  Partnership working with 2 Shires Credit Union has continued as this helps beneficiaries to save and purchase their bikes at the end of the loan period. Furthermore, a new arrangement with Groundwork Derby and Derbyshire has resulted in Ways to Work being able to purchase reconditioned bikes for a fraction of the cost of what they would be new.  

Wheels to Work has enjoyed national interest over the past few months and Nicky Bassett-Powell, the National Wheels to Work Co-ordinator, has been lobbying the Department of Transport on behalf of all national schemes, trying to secure ongoing government funding for schemes as they strive to develop into less grant dependent projects. 

Rural Action Derbyshire has been successful in securing funding from Derbyshire County Council, Coalfields Regeneration Trust and Bolsover District Council to enable Ways to Work to continue into 2012/13 and work is ongoing to secure its longer term future.

2011/12 Quarter 3

The moped loans continue to be popular and are now subsidised with Coalfields Regeneration Trust funding, which reduces the claim from WNF this quarter. There is an additional benefit to report this quarter for Bolsover residents aged 16-25 as Derbyshire County Council are funding a Wheels to Learn project. The partnership with 2 Shires Credit Union has resulted in one of the W2W client’s being able to secure a loan to buy their moped and it is hoped that more will follow in Quarter 4.

2011/12 Quarter 2

There have been two new partners during Quarter 2. Ingeus have made referrals for Bolsover residents and Two Shires Credit Union have offered saving schemes for purchasing vehicles.

£89,038 has been approved by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust to operate a moped loan scheme, plus other transport options, across the former coalfields areas.  Thirteen wards in Bolsover district will be included within this new project, which runs from 1 October 2011 to 31 March 2013. Funding has also been given by Derbyshire County Council for a county wide Wheels to Learn project. This provides additional benefits for Bolsover residents as this project can help with travel costs to any kind of training or learning, including apprenticeships.

2011/12 Quarter 1

This quarter saw the start of the moped loan funded solely by WNF for the Ways to Work Bolsover project, as the Coalfields Regeneration Trust match funding came to an end on 31 March 2011.  The moped loans continue to be popular, with nine people taking delivery of a moped in order to get to work or training since 1 April 2011.  The other transport options continue to be popular too, with referrals still being regularly made from Jobcentre Plus in Shirebrook, Bolsover and Staveley (for Bolsover district residents), also from the Family Employment Initiative and the Raising Aspirations projects. 

Funding has been received for a new Wheels to Learn project that can provide travel assistance for 14-19 year olds across the county trying to access education or training, including apprenticeships, so will provide additional help to Bolsover clients, if eligible.

2010/11 Year End

The Ways to Work project has been extremely successful during 2010/11, storming the majority of output targets.  Many links have also been made with other Working Neighbourhoods Funded (WNF) projects and has acted as a catalyst for their success.  Transport continues to be a priority for the district and the Project Manager has been involved in the application that Derbyshire County Council has submitted to the government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.  If this bid is successful, the Ways to Work project will be extended to cover Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire as well as remaining in Bolsover for the next four years which would be excellent news for the district.  Ways to Work supported by WNF continues into 2011/12 with increased funding to enable the moped loan element of the scheme (funded by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust until March 2011) to be continued.

2010/11 Quarter 3

Bolsover Partnership agreed to an extension to the project in Quarter 3 which will enable the moped loan element of the scheme (currently funded through the Coalfields Regeneration Trust) to be continued into 2011/12.  Additional funding to the ‘client travel’ budget has also been approved to meet the significant demand from beneficiaries for assistance.

2010/11 Quarter 2

The project continues to make excellent progress in the second quarter of this year, again far exceeding targets for the number of people accessing employment.  The Project Manager has been able to help enquirers with their transport problems in a variety of ways in order that they can get to work, training or education.  These solutions include moped loan, bicycles, bus vouchers and refunds, train season tickets, taxi fares, fuel costs, road tax, car/moped insurance, subsidised driving lesson vouchers and car repairs.  Feedback about the project has been brilliant, with both enquirers and referral agencies pleased with the diversity of the transport assistance that Ways to Work has been able to provide.

Bolsover Partnership has also agreed, in principle, to extend the Wheels to Work (moped loan) scheme for one year when Coalfields Regeneration Trust funding ceases in March 2011.

2010/11 Quarter 1

The project continues to make excellent progress in the first quarter of this year, far exceeding targets for the number of people accessing employment.  Good links have been made with other Working Neighbourhoods Funded projects that have been using this project to ensure their beneficiaries have access to transport.

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